Argentina Discoveries: Unique Culture of the Gauchos

World Nomads' Gloria Atanmo travels to Salta and Patagonia to meet the cowboys of Argentina, and learn about their proud traditions.


Deeply rooted in Argentina’s history, the Gaucho culture is still very much alive. Join Gloria as she saddles up and rides with the skilled local horsemen on a trip through the countryside, participates in traditional Argentine dances, and samples the nation’s diet staple, beef, in a traditional Gaucho feast.

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  • Camille said

    Just watched this video. I know it's almost 2 years old but had to comment because ... I'm not sure why she was so jarred by the treatment of the sheep when she had no problem enjoying the asado. And in that same vein, it seemed a bit hypocritical (not to mention insensitive) to say something like forget your veganism in Argentina to enjoy a delicious fresh asado and then start crying when the sheep was taken to a stable to be, not slaughtered, but shorn. It was strange that her way of rationalizing everything was to say that people in different cultures do things in different ways, which is true, but she's implying that where she's from (presumably the US), people are kinder to farm animals (which we know is not true), and that she's simply being tolerant of "different" ways of doing things. If she really wanted to create an insightful moment in the video, she would have acknowledged the connection between the asado festivities and the sheep-shearing experience, possibly commenting on her varying responses to both but also making that connection between the treatment of animals and eating meat. Interesting video on the gauchos but the host just seems a bit naive. Let's eat some slaughtered animals then cry over some sheep then say it's just the way people do things in Argentina (???) ... No tiene sentido :/

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