A Traveler's Guide to Getting Around Cartagena

Going to Cartagena? Find out how to make your way around with these tips from a nomad.


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1. Public Transportation

Although Cartagena offers a cheap Metrocar service, it's not recommended for tourists – it could potentially be dangerous due to the zones it passes through. 

2. Uber

The app gives visitors the convenience of ordering a car wherever and whenever they’d like, and is generally cheaper than taxis.

3. Yellow Taxis

Taxis in Cartagena are quite affordable: Bocagrande to Old City (less than 4km) is approximately US $3-$4. The minimum ride is COP $6.500, which is around US $2. You can also negotiate to hire them for longer trips at an agreed-upon price.

4. Private Cabs

You'll get the best and most comfortable cars, sometimes with English-speaking drivers. Price is arranged with drivers or directly with the company they work for.

5. Bus or Mini-Van

If you're traveling to nearby cities like Barranquilla or Santa Marta, there's the option of renting a shared bus or mini-van, which offers door-to-door service.

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