A Guide to Getting Around Medellin: Metro, Taxi & Bus

First time in Medellin? Find out how to get around like a local with these tips from a nomad.


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Medellin Metro

The quick and convenient metro cuts through the city from north to south. A single ticket costs COP$ 2,300 (US $0.70) but lines may stretch out of the station, so buy multiple trips.

The Metroplus joins the network and has separate lanes on many roads. Stations, which boast user-friendly maps, remain spotless, so no eating or drinking.

Some cable car lines, which head up the surrounding mountains, are included in the price. 

Taxis in Medellin

Taxis are cheap and plentiful. The phone app EasyTaxi provides secure rides with registered drivers; the minimum fare is COP$3,000 (US $1).

Try to resist taking taxis from the street at night, and travel in pairs or groups.

Buses in Medellin

Try to get used to the bus network, as it services the entire city.

Fares cost about COP$2,000 (US $0.70) and in places where there’s no metro, like Laureles and Poblado, buses are useful. Pay cash to the drivers once on board.

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