WATCH: Just Go Peru – Adventure to Machu Picchu

For thousands of years, the Incas have been carrying 50kg bags of salt up and down the Maras salt mines. Can Nomad Andre Bolourchi handle the heat?


WATCH: Just Go Peru – Adventure to Machu Picchu

Catch the latest eye-popping episode of our 'Just Go' series, where we follow Nomad Andre Bolourchi as he embarks on a fascinating adventure through Peru's Sacred Valley.

On the way, he has a rich and humbling experience with the Amaru community, visits mystical and ancient Moray, gets his hands dirty at work in the colossal Maras salt mines with our local guide Wilfredo, and even samples one of Peru's most curious delicacies - Guinea Pig!

If you're interested in experiencing a trip like this, check out our friends at Explorandes, who put this amazing adventure together!

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