Indonesia Discoveries: Youth Culture in Yogyakarta

If Jakarta is the heart of the nation, powering the economy and industry, Yogyakarta is the soul, keeping the spirit of the nation in balance and harmony.


Affectionately known as Jogja, the vibrant city of Yogyakarta is a home to historic and religious landmarks, and a youthful buzz due to a number of universities and colleges.

We meet Kadek, a young travel blogger with her finger on the pulse of the city, as she helps us navigate the youth scene, including street art, charcoal coffee and popular bars. Discover how to get the most out of Jogja, from the well-known religious locations, to the smaller trendy hangouts.

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  • Elizabeth said

    True - there is a vibrant and wonderful youth culture in Jogja - we were there late last year and loved it. Restaurants are filled with young people, as are the streets, mostly local young people. Jogja has a wonderful energy because of it. Street art here is amazing!

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