Costs of Travel in Myanmar: Spend Your Kyat Wisely

Find out how to spend less kyat and more time exploring the treasures of Myanmar with our budget traveler’s guide.


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It’s not difficult to explore Myanmar on a budget, but cash management will need to be savvy. With the country’s infrastructure in early phases of development, supplier options can be limited and pricing structures are all over the place!

Costs of Food

Street food stalls and local restaurants will be priced considerably lower than any western meal. A plate of Shan noodles or green-tea-leaf salad will cost just US $1 in a small town, and only US $2-$3 in bigger cities, where a western dinner might be US $10-$15.

Costs of Accommodation

Accommodation can seem pricey, with a dormitory bed costing up to US $20/night. Sharing private rooms is usually better value at US $30-$40 for a twin share.

“Luxury” establishments are not widely available, and it will likely set you back over US $100/night.

Costs of Transport

Tourist buses offer a range of classifications from standard to VIP, which will determine the comfort on-board.

A one-way bus ticket for a six to eight hour journey – such as Mandalay to Bagan, or Yangon to Nyaungshwe – will cost US $15-$20.

Train prices are comparable, making up for what they lack in comfort with adventure. 

Money Scams

Buddhist culture makes Myanmar anything but a scammers' hotbed. By comparison to neighboring nations, lower tourist numbers have helped keep scams at bay, and you shouldn’t be troubled, although standard precautions are recommended.

Getting Money Out in Myanmar

ATMs are readily available in major cities and tourist towns, although functionality cannot be relied upon 100%. It’s always a good idea to carry back-up funds and attempt withdrawals in advance.

US Dollars are widely accepted for exchange, but bills should be pristine, post-2006 issue.

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