WATCH: Discover The Process Of Traditional Burmese Roti

Whether sweet or savoury, rotis are a staple in Myanmar. Nomad Andreas visits a traditional street bakery to learn the process behind these delicious flatbreads.


WATCH: Discover The Process Of Traditional Burmese Roti

Officially known as Myanmar, Burma is a country whose national identity has been shaped by many international influences.

Burmese food embodies this cultural mixture with influences from countries such as China, India, and Thailand. Along with its own unique national qualities from the “Shan” and the “Mon”.

Roti is often prepared by local street bakeries. Open-air workshops with a high number of charcoal ovens. After sunrise, the bake-site is prepared by the entire family. The ingredients are kneaded into a sticky mass. With graceful arm-loops, the dough is ready to bake. They form a working chain – everyone focusing on a certain task.

With continuous movement, they skillfully touch the baking plates with a hand full of dough, leaving behind a thin layer on the hot plates. The next person takes off the rotis and, after cooling down, they are ready to be packed.

Every day, these cooperations make thousands of roti breads. They will be sold to restaurants, roti stands, and local shops.

The Indian bread is used for tasty dishes and snacks such as the popular egg filled roti, curry dishes, classic chicken roti, the pea-dip snack and sweet variations with fruits and condensed milk. Trying the different varieties is a feast, and make sure you eat it the local way: with your hands.

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