WATCH: Finding Paradise on the Dawei Peninsula

Myanmar is known for its rich culture, temples, and pagodas. But the lesser-known south is home to some spectacular places too.


WATCH: Finding Paradise on the Dawei Peninsula

Traveling Myanmar can be exhausting. Long distances between the main sites can take days of traveling, including overnight bus rides along very bumpy journeys. A high dose of temples might cause a temple hangover, and the crowded cities can leave you craving relaxation and serenity towards the end of your trip. 

The good news is, the south of Myanmar is where you'll find peace! Untouched beaches and laid back vibes offer the perfect setting for the end of your journey. Here, you can really let all the experiences and impressiveness of the country sink in. 

Down south, you'll find the touristic Ngapali and the quieter Mergui archipelago – which is made up of 804 islands in the Andaman sea. With crystal-clear waters and white-sand beaches, lush green hills, and incredible underwater life, this could be one of the most beautiful beach destinations in all of Asia.

The Dawei Peninsula is full of hidden beaches. Access to these beaches are lacking, and infrastructure and signs are limited – which is a bonus, because that's why they're still beautifully unspoiled. 

Ask around with fellow travelers and locals for directions. You won't regret the long journey!

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