Two Week Vacation? Head to Thailand!

So, you have the time accrued, there's a suitable lull in your workload, and that clingy boss of yours has finally given you their approval - now, it's finally time for a vacation!

You've been dreaming of it all year, and now you have a mere two weeks to make it count. What do you do? How do you do it? Help!

Relax, and don't worry! This doesn't have to be a stressful decision. Take a breath and think about a destination that makes you smile. That's usually a good place to start. Now, pick some places that are easy to get to. What could be worse than spending the first two days of your precious vacation time holed up in airports and waiting in queues? Make your vacation destination a place you can fly direct or with minimum transfers. Also, while you're still considering a place, think about locations which don't require a good deal of time to get used to.

Let me elaborate on that a bit.

Feel like exploring Tibet? Awesome, but you should allow a few days to gradually acclimatize to the elevation before you think about carrying on to the high plateau. It's tough but, with time being a precious commodity, burning 3 or 4 days getting to the point you can enjoy a place just isn't an option this time.

The next step is to pick somewhere that has a variety of things to see in relatively close proximity to each other. Beaches? Hikes? Historical sites? Cultural experiences? Nightclubs and bars? All of these are great 2 week vacation fodder, and being able to access your preferred activities quickly and easily is essential.

That said, the next thing to consider is a tempering suggestion. With only two weeks, you have to be realistic with your expectations. You probably won't see the entirety of a country. You'll be hard-pressed to visit every highlight in your guidebook. Pick the sights and activities most important for you to experience. Keep the list as small as you can bear. Find the most efficient way to do all of them. Then you can take advantage of every last smidgen of time available to you and not feel like you're frantically trying to cram as much in as possible.

One last piece of advice before you head out. Invariably, wherever you end up going will require you to travel to get from location to location. Pick a destination where the method of transport itself is an experience. Instead of an air-conditioned coach, maybe try out the slow train that chugs through the countryside and is packed with locals selling tasty food and drinks. Or take the slow boat and watch the day-to-day life of your destination's citizens slowly float past.

My recommendation for a fantastic place to visit when a little time poor? Thailand!

Conveniently connected to Europe, Australia, and North America, it is also a great launching off point for seeing other countries in Asia. The climate is wonderful, though it might get a little hot in the dry season. Acclimation is a breeze, as English signs and English-speakers are found in abundance along the main tourist routes.

The country also has a variety of things to do, all in relatively close proximity to Bangkok. Finally, the Thai train experience is a treat in and of itself. Prepare to try all manner of tasty local delicacies and get your Thai tea served to you in a plastic bag—all while you stare out the window and watch the countryside of Thailand pass you by.

So What Could You Do in Two Weeks Around Thailand?

  • Fly in to Bangkok and experience the crazy nightlife that city has to offer (if that's your thing).
  • Head just a little bit south and pick a tropical island; let that tension slough off your shoulders and bask in the sun as clear, blue water laps at your toes.
  • Then, head north; take the train when you do it. Walk through the ruins of Ayutthaya, defend your food from the monkeys at Lop Buri, and disembark in the wonderful city of Chiang Mai. There, try your hand at a Thai cooking class at Siam Rice Thai Cookery or spend a day in the company of some majestic elephants at the Elephant Nature Park.
  • Last, but not least, brave the windy road to Pai and spend a few days relaxing in a private bungalow, hanging out with some Thai rastas, or meandering through the street market.

Or, if none of that sounds good, you could just do your own thing, because in Thailand there are no shortage of awesome things to do. After two weeks, your vacation will end and you will go back to whatever work you were doing before - but you'll be just a little bit different. You'll be more relaxed, more confident, more bronzed in the face. You - and everyone else around you - will know that you took those two weeks and owned them, and that you'll do the same next time. Happy Travels! 

About the Author

Nathan Anderson was born on a chilly December day in the shadow of the majestic Cascade Mountains in northwest Washington.  Since that fateful day, he has loved the cold and been obsessed with the great outdoors.  After graduating university with a degree in International Business and spending a few years doing responsible things like work hard and save money, he decided exploring the world was a much better use of his time.  

Since then, he has visited 19 countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, with more destinations in the pipeline!  There have been some awesome adventures, among them: scuba diving in the Philippines, barely completing a 4 day jungle trek in Borneo, traveling through Burma by rail, and going on a solo motorcycle trip through the steppes of Mongolia.  Hopefully, there will be many more adventures to come!  He’s currently living and working in South Korea, with plans to travel to Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Iran in the near future.  Follow him on Twitter @openroadb4me and check out his blog at The Open Road Before Me.

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