India Discoveries: Indian Food - Flavors and Traditions

To discover the full depth of Indian dishes would take countless lifetimes, as each region is another universe of food traditions, spices and flavors.


Travel with World Nomads’ Caroline Pemberton as she sets out to educate her belly by focusing on three prime locations in India - Mumbai, Kerala and Varanasi, and discovers an array of amazing tastes, and also connects with the locals who create and preserve India’s wonderful food traditions.

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  • Rex Maurice Oppenheimer said

    I spent about two years in India more than 35 years ago. I want to commend Caroline on her India stories. I have seen many pieces on India, and Caroline's stand out for their accuracy and reality. Maybe the best is that she exudes a love for the country that may inspire others to go there and can be appreciated by those of us who have felt the same way.

    I will be going back for about a month in India in October and am looking forward to experiencing it again after all this time.

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