5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Iran

Don't listen to everything you hear about Iran in the media. In a country steeped in ancient tradition, there is a surprising essence of modern flair. Here are five things to know before you go.


Ancient village of Kharanaq, Yazd province, Iran Photo © Getty Images/Mekdet

Iran holds many surprises for visitors; like the climate which can fluctuate greatly, depending on the area and time of year, dispelling the long-held myth that Iran is nothing more than a vast, sweltering desert. While some surprises are nice when travelling, it's important to be as well prepared as possible.

Despite its tarnished reputation, Iran can offer a unique travel experience, especially for those with a love of ancient history. The people who live there are warm and eager to share their country and heritage with visitors and those who travel there are certain to leave a little richer from the experience.

Here are 5 things to consider when planning a trip to Iran:

1. Iran's Tourist Visa Process is Tricky

Give yourself plenty of time and apply for your visa early.

If you're an independent traveler from the UK, Canada or USA, unfortunately you have to travel on a guided tour. Your tour company will organize visas for you.

Iran has a liberal interpretation of dual nationality. They techincally do not recognize dual citizenship, and recognize dual citizens of Iran as Iranian citizens.

2. Don't Send the Wrong Message

Don't use the 'thumbs up' hand gesture when you have a language barrier and want to indicate 'good' or 'okay'. This gesture is the equivalent of the rude finger, or "up yours" in Iran.

3. Dress Modestly While in Iran

If you're a woman, make sure to have a plain colored scarf or two to cover your hair at all times. Bring a long sleeve mid length jacket to maintain modesty in public.

4. Embrace the Iranian Hospitality

In Iran you will be befriended by someone in the street, whose only wish is to show you his/her country (since hospitality to foreigners is ingrained in their culture), will often insist on paying for everything and/or inviting you to their house, and they ask for nothing in return. Be open to these experiences for the Iranian people are NOTHING like you would think from in the news!

5. Keep Your Hands to Yourself

No PDA (public displays of affection). Boyfriend/girlfriend, de facto couple, same-sex couple – it's important to know what's acceptable in Iran.

What do you wish you had known before you traveled to Iran?


  • Erwin said

    Many things have changed in a positive way, from visa process to dress code, especially for women.
    I've just read a comment on two head scarf for women. You only need a scarf, no matter what color, even many Iranian women wear a thin loose scarf on their head.
    There are exchange offices where you can change your Dollar or Euro for Iranian currency. Even at the airport there is an exchange office. Change enough money for a couple of days until you change again when you are in the town.
    There are yellow airport taxis front of the exit. No matter where in Teheran you go, the price is 50.000 Toman = 500.000 R.
    If you go to restaurant or a café with Iranians, you might experience that they don't let you pay. This doesn't mean that you always have to accept their offer. You can always explain to them that each pay his coffee or meal. Unless you wish to pay for him/her. They would understand.
    There is a huge gap between urban and rural, educated and labour, traditional and liberal Iranians.
    They are a proud nation and they don't like to be associated with Arabs. Don't forget they are Persians.
    They do love foreigner, no matter you're American, Canadian, Australian, European, Chinese, Latino, Turk, Arab...etc. It matters to be honest with them.
    You might have the impression that many want to approach you, they don't wanna steal from you or harm you. They love to have a short chat to foreigners and ask how is in your country and what do you think about them.


  • Reza said

    I am an Iranian citizen and live in Tehran. Please do not believe what TV and other media try to feed you. They have their own agenda. Iran is a very safe place for travelers and the people are very hospitable.


  • Amir said

    well, where do I start? i'm 15 and I spent most of my life in Canada, in fact i'm not even an Iranian citizen anymore. but I visited iran for 3 months last summer and it blew my mind. first of all the people there are amazing. they will help you with anything and I mean ANYTHING. its not what they show you on fox news XD. there are no public executions or harsh police violence. you are free to follow any religion you want as long as you don't advertise it in public. in iran you can find jews, Christians and although most of the people are shiya muslims, you can even find some sunis here and there. oh, just make sure not to drink or eat in public during the ramazan month, its not like anything's gonna happen to you but its mostly a question of respect. oh and please, DONT CALL US ARABS. I swear to god, we hate being called arabs and to be fair, I don't even know why. its just a thing that has been engraved in our heads from a very young age. we are Persians, not arabs. it is normal to see police officers with heavy assault rifles such as AK-47s but don't be afraid, its more of a symbolic thing and I can assure you that its not for shooting people. keep in mind that iran has its own fair share of crime and Iranians don't like criminals, that's why sometimes you see heavily armed police officers in places you might not expect. the food is to die for, i'm not even joking, its amazing. and in a tourist's point of view, there's something for everyone. whether you're a 6 year old kid or a 30 year old man, you WILL have fun in a once considered "terrorist" state -,- .


  • Aaron said

    I really really want to travel to Iran - the culture, food and history fascinates me... Only issue is that I am gay and my partner would really want to come along. We would definitely not be obvious and would respect the culture so absolutely no PDoA... I have heard that it would be ok but can anyone confirm this? Iran is on my must see list of COU tries to visit!!!


  • Behzad said

    Hi Aaron,
    Its okay for any one to travel to Iran apart of politic, for you as a gay couple if you do normal act like straight people on the public you should not have any problem enjoy the trip babe.:)


  • Ehsan said

    Hi Aaron,
    I am a gay too in Iran. I think I can help you and give advice about whatever you want.


  • marco said

    maybe stupid question, but how are the girls?
    Will I be arrested when I do some curtousy or is this acceptable.
    I am not some Thai sextourist but I do like to do my flirting, nothing more.


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  • yahya said

    Hi. I live in Iran and I'll be happy to help you and answer your questions for travel to Iran. It's completely safe and I can help you in many cases


  • Sana Naz said

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  • Saba said

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  • kim said

    Iran is beautiful country with beautiful people
    But becurfull
    Iranian women and men are very strong minded,so we love jock and dance but we don't like racists.
    So pls no racists in Iran , because Iranian are not racists at all.
    And make sure u respect Iranian women a lot because they are not cheep.
    We do a lot make up but we are Persian women at the end.
    Visit Iran u will love it , Iran is a very picfull country with lots to see and experience.
    Iran is totally different with Europe countries, so old with great culture and history.
    We love freedom but not too much of it like Europ.
    Have lovely holiday


  • Julia said

    Amazing report,
    I have traveled to Iran last year in Nowruz and I always call it my best trip.
    It was funny I had been spending my best days of my life and my parents were calling every day to ask Are you alive?
    I traveled with an agency which supported me all over the trip, they were such a friend and help me a lot during trip (http://iranstravel.com/)
    I recommend every body to visit this beautiful country and their friendly people.


  • Phineas Hartson said

    I am a transgender woman of colour.
    I would love travel to Iran. But as a woman is it safe to travel alone to Iran?
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  • Viz said

    Hi guys, my name's Viz I'm from New Zealand and will be travelling to Iran on my own next month

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips or (cheap ish) tours they did there? I have Persian ancestry and would love to see all the historic zoroastrian sites but can't afford to pay thousands of dollars to do so!

    Any info would be greatly appreciated especially as I'm a solo female traveller. Please email any suggestions at [email protected] thanks! :)


  • Toiranvel said

    Visit iran now


  • carlo.carlos said

    and some slang tips to be cool in Iran:

    Hi: salâm
    Farewell: bedrood
    Much obliged to you: tashakor/merci
    Good: kheily khoobe (articulated hreily hroop – this will make any road nourishment seller laugh uncontrollably!)

    Delengo: cool!


  • ali miri said

    If you want to experience Tehran at it’s best then come to this suite.

    This area of Tehran is central, safe, and packed full of attractions such as museums, palaces, famous traditional restaurants, in addition, the famous Tehran Market along with beautiful huge park in nearby.


  • Gaurav Kumar Rathi said

    iran is a good country to visit for having a different kind of tour. there you can experience a different kind of thing you cant find in another country, like the old market, bathhouse, mosque you will enjoy your trip . if you need any kind of help , i would happy to help you


  • Robin said

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  • Ilyana said

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  • Amit chaudhary said

    Actually i just to visit Iran but is there any trouble in language i meant to say that English is enough for me and the other problem is that
    That i am pure vegetarian so can i get vegetarian food overthere


  • Sacha said

    So far the best article i have read today as I just Love traveling and want to explore as much countries as i can . Here i would like to appreciate you to share such amazing detailed informative post for bringing up the knowledge of your followers. Last time i visit Dubai desert Safari and it was such an incredible experience. This year wanna visit Iraq Iran and your article will help e out in different ways for sure.


  • Samaneh Ghaedi said

    thanks for your tips. its good to add this Do not be afraid to ask any Iranian anything. If they speak English, they will endeavor to help you to the best way they can. They will not stray you or make up stories. If asking for directions, as in any other country make sure to ask a few people as you go along until you reach your destination.


  • Diana said

    I am a single 54yer old woman from Australia, always wanted to go to Iran. I am a solo traveller, do I need to travel in a group tour, can I jut arrive on a plane to Tehran and freelance it, like I prefer to? I know that us/iran politics is tense at the moment,will affect anything seeing that Aust government always sides with th USA?


  • Samaneh Ghaedi said

    Iran is a wonderful country with a lot of potential to visit


  • iran tour magazine said

    How to get to Iran without a visa?
    Iran is a country of immense beauty, charm, and mystery of the old world. The number of trips to Iran is increasing steadily and more and more people are choosing to visit the country.
    Currently, more than 30 countries are allowed to enter Iran without a visa.


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