World Nomads’ Pick of the Best Destinations for 2017

What's on your list for 2017? We asked some of the team at HQ for their travel picks plus our favorite moments from 2016.


2016 has been an absolutely crazy - yet amazing - year.

We saw thousands of outstanding entries for the Travel Writing and Photography scholarships, we explored Trinidad and Tobago, Norway and New Zealand for some Extraordinary Experiences, and we checked out everything cute and kooky in Japan.

What lies ahead? We asked some of the team at HQ for their travel picks for 2017.

Where do you want to travel in 2017? Share your travel inspirations in the comments below!

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  • Patrick Kelly said

    Greece, London and Norway

  • Shirley Núñez said

    London, Paris and India

  • Rajatha said

    Cambodia, Paris, China

  • Gaia said

    Tasmania, Peru, Burma

  • Carmen said

    I would like to travel tokio Japan

  • Carmen said

    Japan , korea , china

  • Rhonda Bailey said

    Australia, Ireland, England!

  • claudia garcia said

    north of Brasil, Gambia and Goa

  • Didit said

    Currently live in Japan, so I want to explore Japan from Okinawa to Hokkaido by hitchhiking! Wish me luck!

  • Flavio said

    Tailand, Índia. Paquistan

  • samy said

    japan , Paris , Germany

  • Joyce said

    Galapagos Islands, Rio for Carnaval and Spain/Portugal.

  • PAM said

    Thailand Myanmar Vietnam Cambodia Spain already booked

  • Ayoubisp said

    I'd like to visit Morroco, Spain and Russia

  • Allan said

    Kathmandu in Nepal is a travellers destination. My choice adding to the list would be Goa, India, and Cape Town in South Africa. 2017 looking to explore Bhutan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

  • Dania Ali said

    Pakistan has so much to offer!
    The Highest Plateau of Deosai, the Old Silk Route, the meeting point of the Indus River with the three mighty mountain ranges - Karakoram, HinduKush and Himalays. K2 - the world's hardest mountain to climb and its iconic base camp, Concordia to Ahh, if I named every place, I would end up with more than just a comment on the destination. It has from its North to South every terrain in the middle - from the mountains to forests to plains to deserts and the sea. Live Mud Volcanoes, Two out of the World's five natural Hammer Heads, a Cloud Factory and so much more!!

  • Svetli said

    Iceland, Ireland, Japan and ... Did I mention Iceland?

  • Diego said

    Israel! :)

  • Nica said

    Spain, Iceland, Belize

  • Nica said

    Omg I forgot Cuba!

  • Ana Ruiz said


    Just got back a week ago, and I'm dying to go back!

  • Krista said

    Ethiopia, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia

  • Patricia said

    Lithuania, Cuba, Scotland

  • Aurora said

    The Philippines! Back to India and Nepal.

  • rickbe said

    Argentina beckons me since they dropped their $160 reciprocity fee & Uruguay because it's there to see the contrast between communism & capitalism.

  • Bob Gardner said

    CUBA... Went in Jan 2016.. Go to the remote city's .. you will step back in time 1910-20's Go befor it changes, which will happen soon

  • Kevin Doris said

    Uganda, Thailand , Ireland

  • David Cruz said

    Switzerland, Germany & Italy.

  • Bruce said

    Paris, London

  • Donna said

    Italy,Japan, Cambodia,India, Nepal, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile,Ecuador, Costa Rica, Cuba

    I spent a month in Peru and would go back in a heartbeat!

    Happy New Year, all!

  • Elizabeth said

    Norway, Finland, UK, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Australia & NZ

  • Ann said

    Kerala, India. Eat your way through your vacation with the best southern Indian cuisine...then perhaps book another trip with an active adventure to work it off.

  • Lounis said

    my greetings ,
    Thank you for this page, and all the places you offer.
    I have visited France 3, Belgium 2, Tunisia 2, Morocco 1 Brazil 2014 World Cup, Olympic Games
    I would like to travel to the United States, Argentina, Peru (Visit the Inca)
    Thank you for all the efforts

  • Lannara said

    Hello everyone. I'm from Brazil. So, I would like to visit Finland, Scotland and Norway.

  • Jessica said

    Patagonia, Havesupai Indian Reservation, Iceland

  • Dianne said

    Uganda for the Mountain Gorillas, and Iceland. Would also put Nepal and Bhutan on the list.

  • Theresa said

    Goa and Rajasthan, India

  • Deepak Karunakaran said

    The world nomads 2017 Japanese Photography Scholarship in Japan with Richard I'Anson! This would be my first international! I'm so psyched! Fingers crossed & hope that I get it!!!

  • Nicole said

    Corea, Japón , Alemania

  • Denisse said

    New zealand , switzerland, Chile

  • Angie said

    Spain, Greece, Italy <3
    Cultures and history are my sole most interest =D 2016 i went to Thailand, Poland, Slovakia and England, a year of adventure. I don't want to stop now. =P
    2017 here i come ^^

  • Daniel said

    Basque Country region (Spain)

  • MasterG said

    Philippines, Italy, UK.

  • Aaron Cowdery said

    South America, Cuba, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Czech, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia. Start in around 2 weeks cannot wait

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