Travel Risk Taking - It Was a Good Idea at the Time!

Have you done any irresponsible things while traveling?

We put the question to our Facebook community, and found out there are some pretty crazy nomads out there! Here are the best of the best. Can you top these risky tales?

A mate and I got handle bar moustaches tattooed to our fingers by an apprentice tattoo artist in Bangkok, permanent souvenir of a night I can't remember.

- Tom Gfeller 

Not dangerous but slightly irresponsible.. I met a guy in Hollywood who I ended up shopping and lunching with. He invited me back to his house to show me his meditation machine and meet his cat. In hindsight the premise sounded totally weird but I felt okay with it and went along to his really nice home just off Hollywood Boulevard. I tried his mediation machine, met his cat and then left! Still makes me giggle but I get kind of mad at myself when I think about the fact that I went to a total stranger's home on my own.

- Kelly Dennett 

Went to an after-hours bar in South America where it turned out the waiters sold only two things: beer or cocaine. We stayed and danced but then the cops broke in, the owner basically yelled "Hit the deck!" and turned off the lights. Every patron laid silent on the floor in the dark as she paid off the cops. Police left, everyone got up, and everyone got back to conversation and dancing like nothing had happened!

- Kirsten O'Callaghan

I got absolutely blind drunk and went night snowboarding in Canada. I was trying to beat my mates speed record and i got to 71km/hr then my bindings exploded and sent my drunk arse flying!

- Peter Hodgson

Hitch hiked with road train drivers in the australian outback from Darwin to Adelaide...

- Lindsay Burns

I walked a 10 KM road in Lal-Sohanra National Park, Bahawalpur, Pakistan to get to a Black buck sanctuary with a 20kg ruck sack on my back. When I reached there everyone was astonished how I made there alive all alone. The forest is a renounced bandits asylum known among the locals and I had no clue about it. The walk back was a lot scarier so I took a lift from a bicycle rider. The fear of getting robbed and nearing sunset creeped in.

- Farooq Jamil Mian

I climbed up the biggest volcano in Bali in boardies and daps (thongs). No waterproofs or top. 13hrs later cold wet and covered in leeches I made it back down. NEVER again!!! That's no walk in the park. 

- Levi Knight

After traveling overnight on a train from Bangkok to Vientiane (sleeping by the door mind you so very little sleep was achieved) after changing trains briefly, we arrived at 8:00am on the platform of the border control.

Collecting our bags and making our way to the line to leave Thailand, we gathered our passports and documents to enter Laos. Arriving at passport control I could not find the 4 passport photos I had brought with me from home for these situations. There was no photo facilities and no other way to enter the country so we scouted out from the number of travellers attempting the same we were, to hopefully find a lookalike who was willing to give up their photo. Success, and I waited at the back of the line until the girls photo I was using had passed through.

Walking up to the officer I had never been so nervous, I handed over the documents, paid my UD$20. The customs officer stamped my passport, passed it along and failed to even look at the photo. I walked through, jumped in a share taxi and continued my travels. 2 weeks later after arriving home I found my mis-placed passport photos at the bottom of my backpack…. ready for someone to borrow. 

- Toni Orr

Got married in Vegas to a guy I'd only known less than a week...on Halloween night...dressed up as a German beer wench and sung down to aisle by an Elvis impersonator! Our wedding night involved dancing at The Wynn Hotel in the pool podiums with about 20 mates, managing to get VIP armbands for being awesome and topped off by the DJ Afrojack pouring expensive vodka into our mouth on the dance-floor! Best.night.ever!!!

- Rachel Ash

The Serious Stuff

Some of these things are increedibly stupid, and we don't endorse, encourage or condone them (although a few of us in the office have done similar things!). It's important to remember that being drunk or deliberately putting yourself at risk will very, very likely void your travel insurance. So that whopping medical bill will have to be paid out of your pocket. Read here for more details on what's covered and what's not.

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  • Colin said

    Riding my 650cc through East Timor, fell off going down a hill and skinned my knees. A local road worker kindly helped me up, saw the blood coming through my pants and offered some first aid. He went to his dump truck, undone the hydraulic reservoir and dipped his fingers in. He so kindly wanted to smear the oil on my wound but I kindly refused his offer, got on my steed and buggered off.

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