Amazing Nomads: Marie Javins – A Colourful Life in Africa

Meet the American comic book editor who circumnavigated the world twice, first by surface transport, taking cargo ships across oceans, before switching direction and doing it again by plane.


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Amazing Nomads: Marie Javins

Marie is an American comic book editor and colorist who has traveled around the world twice, kicking off with a year-long solo trip, by surface transport, posting the whole trip live on the internet with people voting on her route as she went.

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What’s in the Episode

00:10 Introduction

00:58 Circumnavigating the world via surface transport

02:45 Why?

04:13 "I like that description a lot, me as a stowaway."

07:13 Marie's blog 'No Hurry In Africa'

08:34 Working on comic books in Kuwait

10:52 Betty and Veronica in a bikini

13:13 Going south

15:30 Being stuck in Haiti

17:30 Kim and Phil's favourite Marvel Comic hero

Who is in the Episode

Marie Javins is an American comic book editor, colorist and travel writer known for her long association with Marvel Comics and the Teshkeel Media Group. Marie started a blog No Hurry in Africa while in Uganda and Namibia in 2005, before moving to Kuwait and Cairo to make comics and circumnavigate the world for a second time.

Marie co-wrote The Art of Iron Man 3The Art of Thor: The Dark World,  and The Art of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Photo Credit Getty Images/drante.

Marie is also the author of Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik about her solo misadventures in Africa.

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