Meet Kim Napier

Meet Kim Napier

Senior Podcast Producer and Co-Host

I'm from Tasmania and have convict ancestry; my ancestor was a woman involved in possibly the world’s first flash mob, lifting her skirt and slapping her bare bum to a preacher alongside 300 other incarcerated women.

I first ventured to Sydney when I was 21 but missed Tasmania’s fresh air, reportedly the cleanest in the world, and returned to my island state. I have since lived in Adelaide and am now back in Sydney, living in beachside Manly and converting a delivery van into a weekend getaway on wheels. I don’t speak any languages other than English (not quite the Queen's). However, I did study a language at school and hence can pronounce the words 'window' and 'ruler' in French. I also studied drama at university before accepting a cadetship in broadcast news working in both television and radio.

It was in radio that I morphed into an on-air role and had a top-rating breakfast show, rising well before the sun and crashing on the couch well before it set.

With more sociable hours, I now lend my voice to The World Nomads Podcast and work as Senior Producer scouring the globe for travel bloggers, experts and authors to share their stories. As a keen traveler, the best thing about working at World Nomads is learning about the destinations I’d never considered visiting or even knew about. You can follow my van conversion and road trips @adVANture2020 on Instagram.

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