The World Nomads Podcast: Flip My Trip

Whether they had to miss out on the adventure of a lifetime or cut their trip short, in this episode we tell 3 (un)lucky Nomads we're paying to Flip My Trip and get a do-over


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World Nomads Podcast: Flip My Trip

In May 2019 we launched Flip My Trip asking World Nomads Have you had an adventure that was memorable for all the wrong reasons? On offer was a chance to re-do the trip - minus the misadventure - with someone else picking up the bill!
In this episode we were a bit sneaky, calling up people who'd entered to tell their tales of woah, before surprising them with the announcement they'd won!
If you want to know what happy sounds like, listen to this episode!

What’s in the Episode

00:18 What is Flip My Trip

01:00 Mike's sliding doors moment with Rachel

02:58 Whisky tasting in Scotland

03:45 New Rachel

05:34 Mark from Canada

08:04 What to do when you have 7 and a half hours to kill

12:24 Smashed by a surfboard

15:46 Leave the in-laws at home

16:56 Traveling like the locals

18:23 Swamped by a wave

20:00 Go back to Colombia

21:17 Get in touch

Who is in the Episode

On only his second date with a girl called Rachel, Mike had a disastrous trip to Scotland in which they ended up parting ways and never spoke again. Mike is now in a relationship with a new Rachel who has always wanted to go to Scotland. Let’s hope it works out better this time.

Mark from Canada had planned a holiday with his wife Pollyanna, two children and his in-laws. With his first flight cancelled it caused a 46-hour domino effect in which, among other things, he lost his wallet, prescription glasses, camera and shattered his face in a surfing accident.

Wanting to travel like the locals Sam took a boat from Panama to Columbia, well he attempted to but the boat sank after two hours and he was left grasping to debris to stay afloat while being lashed by waves and drenching rain in the dead of night.

Resources & Links

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Winners received flights for two from STA Travel, $2000 from TourRadar for tours, $2000 towards accommodation, $4000 spending money and travel insurance thanks to World Nomads.

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Next Episode: Belize.

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