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Award for excellence in customer service - August 26, 2016.

World Nomads' Australian customer contact centre wins award for excellence.

The Auscontact NSW Award is the pre-eminent awards program in Australia, recognising excellence in providing a quality customer experience, but also assesses how well a company treats its staff by providing training, support and rewards for success. Winners are thoroughly checked, not only for how responsive they are to customers’ needs, but whether diversity is encouraged in the workplace, and the values of integrity and responsibility are fostered.

World Nomads General Manager Chris Noble said the company put the customer at the heart of everything it does. “I put this award for our customer service up there with how proud I feel about our charitable foundation, Footprints.”

“I think it shows how much we care about our community. Whether it’s caring for the people in the places we all travel, or caring about the people who call us up to manage their policy or make a claim.”

Read the awards criteria here - July 18, 2016

Is It Safe to Travel to France Right Now?

France has experienced three major attacks in 18 months. Is it safe to travel to France?
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USA Today - June 20, 2015

Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

So should you add travel insurance to your trip? And if so, what should you look for in a policy?
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Triple Pundit - June 19, 2015

12 Offbeat Companies for the Conscious Traveler

Insurance is a good idea for any adventure traveler. With insurance provider World Nomads, a portion of the price of insurance goes toward community development projects around the world.
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Mosman Daily - June 6, 2015

Food blogger Mahsa Fratantoni of Maman’s Kitchen wins trip of a lifetime

Food is more than just fuel for Mahsa — it is her ticket to Sri Lanka, her connection to her family and hopefully her money-maker.
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Travel Pulse - June 1, 2015

5 Important Things to Know When Planning a Trip to Cuba

It's always a good idea to have travel insurance when globetrotting, but to enter Cuba it's actually obligatory that you have coverage.
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Out Traveler - March 31, 2015

Ask the Experts: What to Do When You're Sick Abroad

Imagine you’re traveling far from home, somewhere you don’t speak the local language and you fall ill. What do you do? We asked some colleagues for their advice on this worst-case scenario. Phil Sylvester, a travel safety expert with World Nomads, an insurance company that caters to independent travelers, recommends you listen to your body, don’t delay getting medical attention and rely on your travel insurance provider - they are experts in knowing who and where to go to for the best medical care.
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Condé Nast Traveler - February 18, 2015

11 Questions about the Future of Space Tourism Answered

Commercial space travel is inevitable. While we’re waiting for that day, the logistics of space tourism remain open questions. We asked experts in the nascent field for their answers about what to expect once space tourism takes off. It seems a safe bet that insurers will offer protection for travelers heading into space. “The ability to be able to support people to do something this amazing, of course we’re going to be looking at it,” said Chris Noble, general manager of World Nomads, one company that’s considering making space travel insurance available to commercial astronauts.
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Travel Pulse - February 18, 2015

Here's How To Win An Adventure Vacation Just By Writing 100 Words

Are you one of those people that live for adrenaline? That wants to see the world, and experience it through adventure travel? How would you like to have the chance to do it for free? World Nomads, a travel insurance provider, is giving away the chance for you to go on a seven-day adventure on their dime. You get your choice of three locations and over 200 activities to partake in while you are away.
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The Times-Picayune - February 11, 2015

Red Flame Hunters Mardi Gras Indian tribe of New Orleans is for kids only

Headquartered in the 7th Ward in New Orleans, the Red Flame Hunters Mardi Gras Indian tribe is working busily on finishing costumes and sewing the elaborate bead work all Carnival tribes are known for when they take to the streets on Mardi Gras Feb. 17. But what makes this tribe different is it is for children only.
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Journey Parenting - February 4, 2015

Spring Break: What Parents Need to Know

As teenagers cram for their exams, their parents face a test of nerves as their college-aged children prepare for their Spring Break. Adventure travel insurance company World Nomads says parents should help their kids prepare for a safe and stress-free unescorted vacation.
Read the full story - January 1, 2015

Travel Insurance: Is it Worth the Cost?

When it comes to travel, we imagine adventure, relaxation, vacation, and holiday. We imagine fun. But there is nothing fun about insurance, no matter why you’re buying it. In every case—home, health, car, or travel—the reason for insurance is to protect you against costs resulting from something unexpected. And potentially very bad.
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Sydney Morning Herald - May 31, 2014

Essay: Thrill of the dare

The common claims list at World Nomads includes broken frenulums, monkey bites, kidnappings and fire blasts. In most cases, the cause is simply bad luck, explains Chris Noble, "but having travel insurance was the common factor that ensured [people] were looked after and not out of pocket tens of thousands of dollars". Travel insurance is the proverbial security blanket.
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NZ Herald - Oct 17, 2013

Does Fiji Water leave a bad taste?

World Nomads reports: "There are two types of Fiji water; ... the ubiquitous bottled goodness and ... the stuff that comes out of the nation's taps, sometimes with shells, frogs and invisible typhoid and gastroenteritis bacteria ... many Fijians have to make do with cracked, broken and contaminated water pipes and a supply which is often polluted after heavy rains"
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New York Times - July 17, 2013

Making Travel Connections Online

Friends of Friends Travel puts a map of the world on each member’s dashboard, though, enabling them to easily see the location of everyone in their network. Also, members can score deals from the site’s partners, which include STA Travel, and World Nomads.Read the full story

Seattle Times - Feb 16, 2013

Do you really need travel insurance?

For my own coverage, I looked at packages offered by World Nomads, a popular and well-regarded company that provides travel insurance plans online. (If you are buying insurance, try them)Read the full story

New York Times - Jan 29th, 2013

Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

A World Nomads customer service representative gave this example: if you leave your cellphone in your bathing suit and go into the water, it’s not covered. That’s not only the kind of thing I do, it’s exactly what I did on a New Year’s Eve a few years ago in Rio de Janeiro.Read the full story

Telegraph UK - 26 Dec, 2012

10 ways students can globe-trot for free

Other useful websites to keep an eye on are and World Nomads; both run regular competitions for writers, bloggers, photographers and film or documentary-makers. Read the full story

New York Times - July 12, 2012

How the Tough Get Going: Silicon Valley Travel Tips

For overseas adventures, Chris Hutchins, a product manager at Google, recommends safeguarding yourself and your possessions with insurance from WorldNomads, which he said is more comprehensive than many other policies.Read the full story

Gadling - Oct 9, 2011

10 budgeting mistakes even smart travelers make

While travel insurance isn’t free, it can also end up saving you a ton of money if an emergency does occur. Hospital bills, cancelled flights, and natural disasters aren’t cheap and you can get very affordable travel insurance plans at World Nomads.Read the full story - April 29, 2011

9 Tips to Help Travelers Beat Bedbugs

Phil Sylvester, a travel safety expert for, outlines what guests should do the first time they arrive at their room.He says to leave your luggage in the hall while you do an inspection (leave someone guarding the bags against theft), place it in the tub, or put your luggage in a sealed garbage bag before entering the room.Read the full story - April 28, 2011

Tips for Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness

“Ask them about their evacuation plan, and where the ‘safe’ points are, how they’ll alert guests of an impending tsunami,” says Phil Sylvester, travel safety expert with, a travel insurance company.Read the full story - April 11, 2011

Top 10 types of travel theft (and how to be safe)

Always carry insurance during your travels, especially internationally. I routinely carry a World Nomads policy for international health insurance that comes with decent theft coverage as well.Read the full story - Mar 23, 2011

Face-off: Websites that help travelers tap locals for tips

E-mails relevant questions to people with highly rated answers. Bans blatant spammers. Lots of user-friendly features… Integrated with World Nomads Answers for broader reach.Read the full story