Americans eager for adventure and social connection this summer

New survey shows that travelers are gearing up to take advantage of what they missed during the pandemic


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Media Release: After a long year of travel restrictions, travelers are gearing up to take advantage of what they missed during the pandemic according to a recent survey* by leading travel insurer World Nomads.

The survey showed an 8% increase in the number of people looking to book travel in the next year compared to the previous quarter. Additionally, fewer people are holding off on domestic travel in hopes that international borders will open up, demonstrating an increased level of comfort and optimism among U.S. travelers.

Policy sales data shows that younger travelers are leading the charge, with people aged 18 to 34 years old purchasing the most travel insurance policies. The data also shows that travelers are taking more time to enjoy their summer vacations, with the majority taking trips of 1 to 2 weeks, followed by 2 to 3 weeks.

“As people start to travel again, we’re expecting to see more travelers reuniting with family and friends and reconnecting with nature and inspiring destinations,”  says World Nomads' Terra Baykal.

In fact, the top domestic destinations for World Nomads travelers  Florida, California, and Arizona – offer a combination of sunshine, outdoor recreation, such as beaches and national parks, and urban centers, which are prime for safe gatherings and fun activities.

“Travelers are just starting to get used to the idea of travel again by taking closer-to-home trips that are allowing a sense of freedom and adventure while creating memories with loved ones who previously weren’t in their social bubble,” says Baykal. “It’s great to be able to see people feeling more comfortable about venturing out and booking travel again.”

But travelers are still wary of an unpredictable travel landscape. 28% of the survey respondents said that fear of catching COVID-19 was still a top reason for not traveling and 40% said that they would buy travel insurance but only if it had COVID-19 coverage.

“Whatever your reason for traveling this summer, it’s important to travel safer and smarter,” says Baykal. “Travel insurance can help protect your trip, so you can focus on the things that matter.”

World Nomads plans include coverages with benefits that can support travelers should they unexpectedly get sick with COVID-19.

To assist with safe trip planning and informed decisions about travel insurance, World Nomads has launched the Reconnect with Travel campaign. For more information, go to 

Key Statistics from the World Nomads Survey

• 61% said that they were planning to travel domestically in the next 12 months compared to 56% of travelers who were surveyed in November 2020 – an 8% increase.
• 47% said that they were planning to hold off domestic travel in hopes that international travel would be possible soon, a 4% dip from travelers surveyed in the previous quarter.
• The majority of summer travelers fall into younger age groups, with 17% of policy sales purchased by travelers 18 to 24 years old.
• 40% of travelers are booking trips of 8 to 14 days; 21% are taking trips that are 2 to 3 weeks.
• 11% of travelers named Florida as the state they would most likely visit in the next six months; 10% said California, followed by Arizona, Hawaii, and New York, each at 5%; 4% chose Texas.
• 28% said that fear of catching COVID-19 was the main reason stopping them from booking travel; 37% cited international travel restrictions; 10% stated affordability and financial reasons.
• 53% said that they would feel safer in a hotel than a vacation rental; 35% would prefer to book vacation rental 12% would choose other types of accommodations.

*Survey of 463 travelers conducted in April 2021.

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