5 of the Best Travel Podcasts to Listen to in 2018

On the road or on the couch, these five travel podcasts will motivate you to save up for travel, explore new destinations and become a better person for it.


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World Nomads Podcast

Listen to this podcast for: destination-specific stories and in-depth advice from experts around the world.

Released: Biweekly on Tuesdays

Travel is more than visiting popular tourist sites and activities. World Nomads newly launched podcast focuses on the adventure independent traveler who is seeking a deeper connection.

Broadcast radio professionals and co-hosts Kim Napier and Phil Sylvester have created a quality podcast that promotes unique experiences while gaining an understanding and appreciation of different cultures. Featuring a different country per episode, Napier and Sylvester speak with several local experts who are intimate with the location. Each interview is under 10 minutes and the entire show has a run-time of less than 45 minutes. It’s a fast-paced podcast that is perfect to listen to during the commute to work or while out for a run.

Zero to Travel

Listen to this podcast for: learning about different travel perspectives and lifestyles so you can travel on your own terms. 
Released: Every Tuesday

Zero to Travel podcast creator and host Jason Moore recognizes that travelers often change their style of travel from trip to trip. Some holidays you want nothing more than to lie on the beach with a drink in hand while other trips you’re motivated to bike or hike across an entire country. 

With more than 255 episodes lasting 30 to 90 minutes each, Moore covers a variety of topics ranging from budgets to business. The focus is on figuring out the best approach to travel regardless of your situation or experience. It’s about traveling on your own terms. Episodes inspire those listening to create an actionable plan to get out on the road sooner, for longer. 

Extra Pack of Peanuts

Listen to this podcast for: tips and tricks to travel more and spend less.
Released: Weekly

Travis Sherry hated flying as a child but loved the free pack of peanuts airline attendants handed out. Today, he and his wife Heather co-host the Extra Pack of Peanuts travel podcast all about how to travel more while spending less.

Since 2014 and throughout more than 300 episodes, they have shared lessons learned from their own travels about packing light, making the most of frequent flier miles and how to make travel less of an expensive “pipe dream” and more of an affordable reality.

Travel Tales Podcast

Listen to this podcast for: hilarious and sometimes horrifying tales from other travelers.

Released: Biweekly on Thursdays

Imagine contracting swine flu while traveling, flying President Clinton around the world in a private jet or getting kidnapped by nuns in Puerto Rico. What would you do and how would you handle it?

Hosted by LA-based comedian and TV-show host Mike Siegel (TBS, HGTV), each episode of the Travel Tales Podcast features a new guest who shares their funny - and sometimes scary – stories of travel from around the world.

When not on camera, Siegel’s favourite pastime is traveling. Never tired of hearing other traveler’s tales, he launched the Travel Tales Podcast in 2011. Sharing these stories with the world, Siegel has interviewed dozens of comedians, actors, travel professionals and friends. Because the more horrifying or hilarious the situation is, the more entertaining the story will be. 

The Budget Minded Traveler

Listen to this podcast for: all the “how-to” details to make travel a reality.
Released: varies

Jackie Nourse is an American who has mastered the art of travel. She’s been adventuring and exploring for nearly half her life – from living in Costa Rica and Italy to her current status as a digital nomad. Thankfully, she happily shares all the practical details of how to live the travel lifestyle with her listeners in The Budget Minded Traveler podcast. Nourse started the podcast in 2014 with the purpose of motivating others to see how affordable travel can be. She wanted to encourage listeners to use their travel experiences abroad as a tool to become more tolerant and understanding human beings.

Each episode is realistic, useful and focused on specific details on how-to and what-to do when getting ready for a trip. From the best budget travel tips for saving money while on the road to first-time traveler safety tips and tricks, each episode is full of helpful information for both beginner and seasoned travelers.


  • Adrien Behn said

    This was so helpful and inspiring! This is perfect for all those long plane or car rides :D

  • Marie said

    One to add, Experiences You Should Have. Biweekly on Sundays.

    Each episode gives a how-to guide for amazing experiences in the world!

  • Kate said

    Another one I heard recently, kind of a mix of things, is Points and Miles podcast. There was an episode about great white shark cage diving!

  • Kit Parks said

    I would like to also suggest folks check out the Active Travel Adventures podcast where I inspire and empower adventurous folks to live a bigger life through adventure travel. On each bi-weekly episode (every other Thursday), you'll visit amazing landscapes and cultures from around the world and hear stories from folks who've adventured there. http://activetraveladventures.com

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