World Nomads' Holiday Season Travel Hacks

Holiday season is also peak travel season. Millions of people are getting away on vacation or getting together with family, and you want it to go as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.


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Whether you're using the holiday season to catch up with friends and family, or turning over a new leaf with the new year and making bigger travel plans, you'll want it to be a hassle-free experience.

"The best thing about travel is the destination - discovering new places, exploring culture, making new friends or enjoying a new experience." says Phil Sylvester from travel lifestyle brand World Nomads. "But sometimes getting to your destination is a pain." he added

So here are the World Nomads Holiday Season Travel Hacks.

  • Book a direct flight to lessen the chances you’ll be delayed or miss a connection. If you are delayed your World Nomads travel insurance policy will come in handy because you might be able to claim for out of pocket expenses such as extra meals you had to buy or a hotel room you had to book*.
  • Splurge on lounge access. Go on spoil yourself, and avoid sharing an overcrowded departure lounge with the rest of humanity.
  • Join the frequent flier/miles program. Sometimes club members get a little extra bag allowance, so you can cram in all those last minute gifts.
  • Speaking of gifts, go ahead, wrap them before you put them in your luggage. It’s a myth that airport security will unwrap them to inspect them. You don’t want tape and wrapping paper taking up valuable luggage space anyway.
  • All the charging points are occupied in the departure lounge? No problem, find a TV, most have a USB port on the back that can be used for charging your cell phone.
  • Fly as close to, or on, Christmas day for a cheap flight. You might also get extra special service from cabin crew who are spreading festive cheer.
  • Don’t buy the cheapest fare. If flights get overbooked those who’ve paid full fare are usually the last to be bumped.
  • If you’re on a full fare this is probably your best chance of getting an upgrade. If coach is full they’ll assign empty business class seats. This only works if you’re a solo traveler. So dress well, speak nicely to the check-in clerk and don’t be the first in line.
  • Get a sticker that marks your luggage as “fragile”. It’ll be loaded last, but it’ll be first off the plane. Scoop it up from the carousel and start your vacation.

Just one serious note; "Oh yes, the asterix. " says Mr Sylvester, "Check your policy for terms and conditions relating to coverage for cancellation and delay. Benefits may vary depending on your country or state of residence."

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