World Nomads' Hotline for Homesick Americans

Major media picks up on the quirky World Nomads Homesickness Hotline.

Photo © iStock/Marjan_Apostolovic

to ciincide with the holiday season World Nomads launched its tongue-in-chek Homesickness Hotline. A humourous take on the sounds of home for the lonely traveler.

The quirky srvice was noticed by two of the travel world's biggest pubishers, Frommers and, both sharing our sense of humour.

“The intention is to make travel the greatest experience of your life,” says Mark Hiss, editorial manager at World Nomads. “If you’re sitting in a dingy hostel somewhere on a solo backpacking trip and are feeling homesick, this will hopefully give you a little smile and a reminder of home. Or, if you’re just sitting on your couch at home and want a bit of a chuckle, that’s cool too.”

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