Is Santa's Sleigh Run Covered by Travel Insurance?

He’s making a list and checking it twice and hopefully getting his World Nomads travel insurance lined up. Because as any holiday traveler knows, when you hit the road, sometimes the road hits back.


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So, is Santa covered for his Christmas eve trip?
Think you’re a hardcore traveler? Just check out Old St. Nick’s stats: Nearly 200 countries … in just one night! World Nomads recommends taking a more leisurely pace, but Santa’s got a job to do - and only 12 hours of darkness to get it done in. Not to mention having to contend with those pesky laws of physics.
So we’re breaking it down for Santa this year … from severe weather to labor issues with striking elves: Is Santa covered?
Scenario: Working for years in the shadow of the better-paid toy-making elves, the sprites preparing Santa’s sleigh for its worldwide trip go on strike, grounding his flight. 
Is Santa covered? Yes. If the strike lasts at least 24 hours, preventing him from flying, Santa can be reimbursed for Trip Cancellation, getting back prepaid, nonrefundable payments he’s put down on his trip. Should Santa cross a picket line? That’s a topic for another article.
Scenario: While Santa is out spreading goodwill, back at the North Pole Mrs. Claus trips over a Hatchimal in the toy shop, breaking her hip and forcing Santa to cut short his journey (sorry, Southern Hemisphere).
Is Santa covered? Yes. If a family member becomes sick or injured when Santa is traveling, Trip Interruption coverage reimburses for prepaid, nonrefundable, unused expenses.
Scenario: Minus Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer thanks to a steroid-abuse scandal, Santa and his reindeer are forced to wait out severe weather on the Island of Misfit Toys.
Is Santa Covered? Yes. If delayed to or from his destination for 6 or more hours due to weather, lost or stolen passports, natural disaster, or other hazards, Santa’s additional expenses are covered up to a daily limit.
Scenario: After one too many spiked milks, Santa slips off an icy roof, breaking his arm.
Is Santa covered? No. As Santa was under the influence of intoxicants, his insurance won’t cover him. Stay sober out there, Santa. We need you.
To see how you’re covered this holiday travel season, check out our quote calculator.
Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of coverage or payment, even if you are a magical gift-bearing entity.  There are certain restrictions, exclusions and limitations that apply to all coverages and services and they vary by country of residence - please read the policy wording for full description of what is covered. And there’s nothing whatsoever we can do about the laws of physics.

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