World Nomads Shares 2024 Travel Trends Survey Results

With Adventure.Travel, survey finds regional and political instability and economic pressures drive 2024 travel decisions. Clever Cost Savings replaces Revenge Travel.


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Key Findings of Survey

  • 96% of survey respondents plan to travel in 2024.

  • The top factors impacting travel decisions are regional/political instability (44%), travel costs/inflationary pressures (43%) and overtourism (24%).

  • Travelers are sacrificing other purchases or smaller, frequent trips for longer vacations and far-flung destinations. 

Media Release: New YorkWorld Nomads, a travel insurance provider offering simple and flexible travel insurance and safety advice to help consumers travel more confidently, has teamed up with Adventure.Travel, to survey their combined communities* about their travel intent for 2024. 96% of respondents said they plan to travel in 2024.

The top factors driving travel decisions were:

  • Regional political instability (44%)

  • Increased travel costs and other inflationary pressures (43%)

  • Overtourism (24%).

Clever Cost Savings to Combat Price Pressures

“Despite economic pressures, travelers are far from ready to give up traveling in 2024,” said Christina Tunnah, General Manager of Marketing and Brands, World Nomads. “Our survey found that travelers are prioritizing experiences over material goods, with nearly a quarter (22%) willing to cut back on other big purchases to continue traveling.”  

27% of survey respondents say they plan to take fewer trips next year, with a 10% drop in travelers planning to take four or more trips next year compared to 2023 (from 33% to 23%).

However, travelers are still traveling and still spending. A third of respondents said changing costs have not impacted their travel plans, with 86% planning to spend the same as or more than last year.

Considering Travel Stressors, More Travelers Plan to Protect Trips with Travel Insurance

The severe airline delays and cancellations that plagued last year continue to be on the minds of travelers headed into 2024. Nearly half (45%) of respondents say airline delays and cancellations are their top stressor, followed by the cost of travel (37%), dealing with large crowds (28%), illness and injury abroad (27%) and safety and security concerns (26%).

“With rising travel costs and an increase in travel disruptions over the past few years, we are not surprised to see that 87% of our audience is likely to purchase travel insurance in 2024, up from 79% in 2023,” Ms. Tunnah said.

Respondents said their top three most important travel insurance benefits are emergency medical coverage (68%), trip cancellation (40%) and access to 24/7 emergency assistance (28%).

Exploration and Active/Adventure Vacations on The Rise

67% of respondents are most interested in exploring new destinations and more than half said active/adventure pursuits and nature and wildlife experiences drive their desire to travel.

Hiking is the top activity for 63% of survey respondents, followed by snorkeling (28%) and kayaking/rafting (22%). World Nomads covers more than 200 adventure activities, sports, work and volunteer experiences for U.S. travelers.

“Insights from our tour operator members also show continued strong interest for hiking and kayaking/rafting, the growing interest for snorkeling experiences, as well as growing interest for cycling globally,” said Jason Reckers, Chief Operating Officer, Adventure.Travel. “It is also exciting to see the adventurous motivations of exploring destinations, nature or wildlife experiences, and cultural immersion are among the four leading reasons to travel.”     

Europe Remains Popular but Asia Pacific Travel is on the Rise, Along with Longer Trips

Europe remains the most popular destination for 2024 – 54% of respondents said they’re planning travel there. But interest in further afield destinations continues to increase, with half of respondents planning travel to Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia or New Zealand, compared to 37% last year. 

“So far, World Nomads’ U.S. resident policy sales mix for 2024 mirrors our survey results,” Ms. Tunnah said. “Europe is still #1, with 24% of policy sales; Asia is second with 17%, and Africa and South America follow with 12% each. With instability in the Middle East and parts of Europe, we’re seeing a significant shift in our sales mix over the past couple of years with an increase in travel to Asia, the Pacific and Africa; a decline in travel to the Middle East; and a leveling off in travel to Europe.”

While more than half of respondents are planning one- or two-week trips, we have seen year-over-year growth in trips over three months. With remote working becoming more of a fixture for many, there has been a significant growth in trips for three or more months. The number of respondents planning extended trips has doubled from 2023.

Sustainability and Environmental Concerns Influence Behavior

“It’s encouraging to see travelers making choices with sustainability in mind.” Ms. Tunnah said. More than half of respondents (54%) said they will shop and eat locally and support locally-owned businesses; 39% take more public transportation and 31% say they will avoid over touristed and environmentally sensitive destinations. Only 16% of respondents said they haven’t changed their behavior at all in consideration of climate change or sustainability.

“While 2023 may have been all about revenge travel, 2024 is shaping up to be a more thoughtful year, with travelers considering their environmental impact and traveling more mindfully.”

 *Survey included 350+ of World Nomads and Adventure.Travel global community members



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