World Nomads New Travel Insurance Offers Europeans Flexibility

World Nomads travel insurance now available to travelers from Germany, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands.


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London – travelers from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands can now take advantage of a new travel insurance package from World Nomads that offers tailored plans with a range of extra cover and a new benefit for Coronavirus-related travel costs.

The new travel insurance offering represents a significant upgrade in terms of limits and coverage for holidaymakers of all types, including coverage for more than 200 sports and activities across the plans on offer.

“World Nomads is an experienced and established competitor in the travel insurance sector and has proven itself as a reliable provider of tailored plans for an assortment of travel itineraries and needs for residents in these European markets,” said Europe General Manager, Jonathan Frankham.

“We’re delighted to launch our bespoke travel insurance just as our World Nomads customers gear up for what is traditionally a busy time of year for travel.

“We know from first-hand experience that this time of year brings with it a variety of insurance needs for travelers, whether they are heading for one of the many challenging pistes dotted across Europe or seeking sun and adventure further afield.

“Some of our plans will support travelers who like to go a bit higher or further, with cover available for hiking up to 6,000 meters, scuba diving to 50 meters, skiing, snowboarding and kayaking.”

As a recent snap Pulse Poll conducted by World Nomads revealed, travelers remain apprehensive about travel disruptions, following a summer of delays across Europe.

“World Nomads travel insurance includes cover for medical emergencies abroad, cancellations, baggage and evacuation and repatriation. We strive to offer a flexible travel insurance product to help consumers travel more confidently,” said Frankham.

Some interesting travel statistics about our travelers

Germany – population 82M

  • Spain, Italy, Austria and Turkey are the top holiday destinations in Europe for Germans

Belgium – population 11.6M

  • Compared to their European neighbours, Belgians typically take shorter breaks (2 weeks holidays), and their holiday budget is less, too

Denmark – population 5.84M

  • Danes get 5 weeks paid vacation time – holidays are important to them. Typical summer holiday is 3-4 weeks

Netherlands – population 17.4M

  • The Dutch have on average 27 holiday days per year and spend €3,300 on holidays.

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