World Nomads Offers Tips to Soften Summer Travel Chaos

A busy, disruptive, expensive travel season is expected – here’s how to prepare.


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  • Top World Nomads travel insurance claims in summer 2022 were trip interruption (36%), trip delay (29%) and baggage delay (10%)
  • Summer forecast to be the busiest since 2019, with continuing global labor issues expected to cause disruption
  • Travelers should build in buffer time, take carry-on only, and know what your insurance policy covers

Media Release: New York, NY – World Nomads, a fast-growing travel insurance provider offering simple and flexible travel insurance and safety advice to help consumers travel more confidently, is encouraging travelers to brace for a hectic summer travel season. Following a “summer of travel chaos” in 2022, there’s concern passengers will face the same issues in the summer holidays ahead. With rising demand against a backdrop of reduced flight capacity, understaffing, and the threat of strikes, many experts are predicting travel ahead will once again be characterized by flight delays and cancellations, as well as lost baggage.

World Nomads top claims for summer 2022 were for trip interruption (36%), trip delay (29%) and baggage delay (10%). Baggage delay claims increased by 77% from 2021 to 2022. Spain, Greece and Iceland led the pack for travel headaches in June - August 2022, as the top three destinations for baggage delay, trip delay and trip interruption claims.

More travelers ready to pack their bags and take-off for overseas destinations

With fears of Covid diminishing and countries easing border restrictions, Americans who put overseas travel on pause are ready to dust off their passports and take advantage of a strong U.S. dollar. According to a recent World Nomads site survey of 2700 US residents, 71% are planning to travel to a new destination in 2023. Policy sales so far indicate that the top summer travel destinations include Europe (44%) Africa (15%) and Asia (11%).

“Following two to three years when most Americans stayed closer to home, we are seeing an unprecedented uptick in demand for long-haul travel,” said Christina Tunnah, general manager of marketing and brands, World Nomads. ”However, we are also seeing an increase in claims, which tells us the system has yet to fully recover to meet growing demand. We believe travel will remain a bit bumpy this coming summer, so we encourage travelers to plan ahead and make sure they are protected in case things don’t go as planned.”

Tips for smoother summer travel

  1. Protect your travel investment with travel insurance. With airfare and other travel costs at all-time highs, you don’t want to be caught with unexpected expenses when something does go wrong.
  2. Know what your travel insurance policy does and does not cover. Make sure to read your policy and if you are unclear, call your insurer’s customer care line.
    • If you’re delayed more than a set number of hours, likely six or 12 depending on your policy, you’re probably covered for the cost of a hearty meal, even if your airline is not providing meal vouchers.
    • Flight delayed or cancelled, so you want to buy a new flight? Wait. That’s probably not covered. Work with your airline first to get rebooked and know that if you do buy a new flight because you don’t want to wait, that is most likely not reimbursable under travel insurance.
  3. Go early. If you have a tour, cruise, wedding or other important event, build in at least a day of buffer time in case your flights are canceled or delayed. This also gives you a chance to recover from the flight, adjust to a new time zone and explore your starting-point city.
  4. Carry-on if you can. Arriving at your destination on time but having your luggage take a detour is not the best way to start a trip. You won’t have to worry about that if your bag is with you. If you do have to check, carry the essentials like medications and a change of clothes with you just in case.
  5. Reserve desired museums, attractions, and activities in advance to avoid disappointment (for example, some of Europe’s biggest sites like the Louvre and the Uffizi require advance reservations, even if the museum itself is free).

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