World Nomads Launches Travel Wiser: Key Travel Advice

The ultimate online travel companion, Travel Wiser provides practical advice; survival tips to help you manage the unexpected; wellness guidance to make the journey better.


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Pulse Poll finds:

  • 56% of respondents have been in some kind of danger while traveling

  • 56% try to stay fit and well

  • 42% don’t have a travel emergency plan

Media Release: New YorkDo you want to know how to survive if you bump a bear in the hills of Alaska? Or maybe you need advice on packing hacks – how do you choose the right gear for your hiking adventure? From serious danger to serial glam tricks and hacks, World Nomads announces the launch of its new website section, Travel Wiser.

The holiday travel season is upon us, and Travel Wiser can help travelers plan, execute and get the most out of their trips, whether solo, with family or a group of friends. Articles outline the best apps for travel, how to survive an unexpected overnight at the airport, and more.

World Nomads General Manager of Marketing and Brands, Christina Tunnah, said Travel Wiser has launched to provide travelers with valuable tips, hacks, and tricks to not only stay healthy and safe, but to travel more confidently while exploring the world.  

“Recent events, like natural disasters and kidnappings are a reminder that unexpected and stressful things can happen while traveling, whether traveling domestic or international. In the United States, last year alone, more than 200 people died in U.S. national parks[1],” Ms. Tunnah said. “We know our travelers are adventurous and like to get off the beaten path. But as adventure levels increase, so can risk.”

In a World Nomads recent pulse poll, 56% of travelers said they have been in some kind of danger while travelling and 42% said they don’t have a plan for what to do in case something goes wrong. The 24-hour Pulse Poll surveyed more than 450 people globally.

“Travel Wiser aims to ensure our travelers are best prepared for their trips. We’ve seen claims for monkey bites, motorcycle accidents and mountain biking injuries in remote forests,” Ms Tunnah said. “So we include tips on everything from staying hydrated in extreme weather and avoiding bears in the wilderness, to how to survive a crowd crush, and what should be in your emergency kit.”

Travel Wiser is not just for the adventurous traveler, but for any traveler seeking ways to stay healthy and balanced on their vacations. Travel Wiser includes wellness content for travelers, including tips for combatting altitude sickness and ways to beat loneliness on a solo trip.

“Traveling comes with great perks, however it can be hard to maintain a regular health routine when you have a busy travel schedule, and sometimes mental wellbeing can be put on the backburner,” Ms. Tunnah said.

“Fifty-six percent of poll respondents said they try to stay fit and well while traveling, so our website offers a wealth of wellness content to show how easy it can be to take care of both physical and mental wellbeing while traveling, no matter where they are,” Ms. Tunnah said.

Travel Wiser is organized into three broad categories:

  • Practical: provides insights on packing efficiently, navigating airports, and choosing the best accommodations to suit your needs.

  • Survival: provides essential tips on staying safe, handling emergencies, and navigating unfamiliar environments with confidence.

  • Wellness: helps travelers prioritize their well-being with advice on maintaining both physical and mental health on the road.

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[1]U.S. National Park Service



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