World Nomads to offer students 10% discount on travel insurance

World Nomads teams up with Student Beans to make travel insurance more affordable for students and post-graduates


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In a bid to ease the financial strain faced by students grappling with rising debts and soaring living expenses, World Nomads Travel Insurance is thrilled to announce its partnership with Student Beans, a prominent online student discount program.

This partnership will provide practical assistance to students and post-graduates in the UK & EU by offering an exclusive 10% discount on travel insurance, allowing them to explore the world without added financial burdens.

Addressing financial hurdles faced by students

With UK student loan debt surpassing £225.85 billion in 2023, and rising student living costs in Ireland due to unaffordable accomodation, the weight of financial obligations continues to hinder students' aspirations. To tackle this challenge head-on, World Nomads and Student Beans have teamed up to deliver a solution that supports students as they navigate their academic journeys and travel adventures.

Travel insurance for students

Students are natural explorers, driven by a desire to uncover new horizons and embrace diverse experiences. Whether embarking on a gap year adventure, backpacking, studying abroad, or seeking alternative forms of education, travel is an integral milestone in the journey of many young adults.

While your study-abroad institution might cover basic health and travel essentials, World Nomads steps in to ensure protection for a wide range of adventures and extended trips. Our plans, including the Standard and Explorer options, cover travellers for medical evacuation, cancellation, baggage, and over 200 adventure activities (subject to coverage level).

Moreover, our plans are designed with your well-being in mind. Recent policy updates in the UK now offer coverage for trip cancellation if you, as a student at a recognized school, college, or university, need to re-sit an exam unexpectedly. Students should consider the following benefits when choosing a travel insurance policy for long-term trips:

  • Cancellation: Protecting against trip cancellations, to keep your investment safe.
  • Curtailment: For costs you incur if you need to return home early.
  • Medical Emergencies: Financial support for sudden and unforeseen injury or illness.
  • Repatriation: Coordinating a safe journey home in emergency situations.
  • Personal Belongings: Safeguarding your gadgets and possessions.
  • Return Home Option: Providing flexibility to return home temporarily without ending your coverage.

Jonathan Frankham, World Nomads General Manager, UK & EU, says of the Partnership:

“We know that students love to travel, and that they do so for a variety of reasons: it provides invaluable life experience and can help define a young person’s place and purpose in the world, help instil lifelong values and priorities or simply offer them a chance to experience something – a destination, a culture, an experience they otherwise wouldn’t. We believe that every student should have the opportunity to explore the world without compromising their financial stability due to an incident or injury while travelling abroad.

“Our partnership with Student Beans is about supporting young travellers by providing them with affordable travel insurance plans that offer cover for sudden and unforeseen costs. Another reason that World Nomads is excited to partner with Student Beans is its access to the Gen Z market. As well as being voracious travellers and adventure seekers, Gen Z are also very socially conscious, which aligns with the World Nomads ethos.

“Numerous studies have shown that Gen Z is the most generous in terms of donating their time to charity. They are keener to volunteer than other generations because they are very socially conscious and want to positively impact their communities. Volunteering allows them to contribute to a cause they believe in directly.

“If you want to give back when you travel, World Nomad’s travel insurance allows you to participate in a range of volunteer activities. Whether it’s summer teaching programmes or clean water projects, volunteering can help strengthen communities, forge meaningful connections and change lives. It can be a life changing experience for students.”

Both World Nomads Standard and Explorer plans provide travel insurance cover for a range of non-manual volunteer activities, which may include:

  • Retail work such as helping in a co-op shop
  • Teaching
  • Clerical work
  • Childcare
  • Some volunteering in communities on projects.

Giving Back Through Footprints

World Nomads' commitment to social responsibility is further exemplified through its Footprints program. Customers have the option to contribute a small donation to support community development projects worldwide. Over $3.75 million has been donated by over 1.3 million travellers, directly impacting more than 260 projects. This initiative exemplifies World Nomads' dedication to making a meaningful contribution to the communities travellers encounter.

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