Travel Insurance and Terror Attacks - NYTimes

Terror attacks in Paris, Nice and Brussels made travelers nervous this summer, so the NYTimes looked at insurance.

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Since November 2015 a string of terror attacks have occured across Europe, making travelers nervous about their decision to go this summer.

As people firmed up their plans the New York Timnes investigated exactly what is covered by travel insurance when terror strikes.

And World Nomads America's manager was quoted heavily:

"Christina Tunnah, the regional manager for the Americas for World Nomads, a travel insurance company, said the two major factors that determine whether you have a claim are when you bought the insurance, and how exactly your travels were affected during a terrorist event. For instance, a road closure in the aftermath of an attack that causes you to miss your flight would likely be covered. (When attacks happen, travel insurance companies often post alerts on their websites to help answer consumer questions, and to let them know if an event has, in fact, been officially declared a terrorist attack, which may be required to pursue a claim.)"

Read the full article here.

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