Out Traveler turns to World Nomads for advice.

Out Traveler is the online travel publication of OUT MAGAZINE, and they wanted advice on what travelers should do if they get sick overseas.

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Out Traveler asked the experts for their tips, and World Nomads was one of the companies they turned to.

Here’s what we said: "Phil Sylvester, a travel safety expert with World Nomads, an insurance company that caters to independent travelers, recommends:

  • Don’t delay getting medical attention. That mild scrape you got coming off your bike can get infected if you don’t care for it.
  • Listen to your body. If your cold has taken a turn for the worse, stay hydrated, eat well and take a day or two off to recover instead of attempting a 12-hour bus trip.
  • Rely on your travel insurance provider – they are experts in knowing who and where to go to for the best medical care.

Read the full article, including more great tips fro when you get sick overseas.

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