World Nomads BASE Jumping Cover Highlighted by Outside

Outside Magazine reports on the amazing story of a man seriously injured in a BASE jumping accident in Switzerland and the World Nomads coverage that got him safely home.

BASE Jumping Photo © iStock/Prathaan

Outside, a leading adventure and active-lifestyle publication dug deeply into the story of a young American BASE jumper who was seriously injured in Switzerland and how his World Nomads' coverage got him back home.

At the time of the incident, US residents were able to get cover for BASE jumping, however, it is important to note the cover is no longer available.

"We believe in supporting adventurous travelers," Phil Sylvester, the head of communications at World Nomads, says. "So we negotiate with underwriters around the world to cover as many of those activities as possible. Sadly, not everything is able to be covered. Check your policy actually covers what you think it does."

Read the full Outside article here.

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  • Eric Miller said

    It's my understanding that World Noamds no longer covers BASE jumping. If that's the case, you might want to take this article down.

    Quotes like, "US residents are able to get World Nomads cover for BASE jumping, an extreme sport that many travel insurance companies won't touch." on YOUR website could present a major legal issue if somebody buys your insurance and assumes that they are covered for their BASE trip.

    Please clear this up asap!

  • Phil said

    Thanks Eric, made some changes

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