World Nomads quoted in Conde Nast Traveler

The online version of Conde Nast Traveler has assessed the risk of traveling to France in the wake of the 2015/16 terror attacks, and we contributed. July 18th 2016.

Photo © iStock/zodebala

Tensions were running high in the northern summer of 2016, especially in France were Paris had been attacked, and dozens were mown down by a truck at Bastille Day celebrations in Nice. CNT was asking the question on the minds of many travelers – is it safe to travel to France?

World Nomads’ travel safety expert Phil Sylvester was asked to contribute his thoughts to the piece, and was specifically asked if the risk of terrorism in Europe was now higher than ever.

His response to CNT: "Everywhere in Europe is at the same risk of terror attack today as it was two weeks ago," says travel expert Phil Sylvester of travel insurance website World Nomads. "We’re just more aware of it today, feeling the hurt and the fear."

His comments were supported by other experts and sources which rated the threat as “negligible”.

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