Aussies With These Names Are Most Likely To Make A Claim

We have sifted through 5 years of data to see which Australian names come up the most often in claims - Michael and Sarah, please take care!


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If your name is Michael or Sarah, and you’re traveling abroad, “please take care” says after the travel lifestyle brand and insurance provider found 10% of all insurance claims to came from people with the same 10 names:

  1. Michael
  2. David
  3. Matthew
  4. Andrew
  5. James
  6. Daniel
  7. Peter
  8. Sarah
  9. Thomas
  10. Jessica

“Are Michaels and Sarahs inherently more adventurous, who knows?” says World Nomads travel safety expert Phil Sylvester.

“Although Michael Palin of Pole-to-Pole fame is one who springs to mind,” he added.

Among the Dirk’s, Ernest’s and Vasco’s of world exploration, there are a few Michaels.

  • Miguel Lopez de Legazpi navigated his way across the Pacific in the 16tth century to establish the first Spanish colony in the East Indies
  • Russian Mikhail Gvozdev led expeditions to discover and map large parts of Siberia and Northern America in the 18th century
  • Michael Asher is a British author, historian, ecologist, and desert explorer who spent three years living with a traditional nomadic tribe in Sudan in the early 1980s.

But not a single Sarah out of a list of 600 names.

“If you’re thinking of starting a family, and want them to be safe when they venture out into the world, you should consider giving them a different name,” said Sylvester.

The names with the fewest number of claims are:

  1. Yael
  2. Kazia
  3. Sylvie
  4. Sunny
  5. Saxon
  6. Wilfried
  7. Yolanda
  8. Dakota
  9. Zara
  10. Tobi

Sylvester pointed out a person’s name has no bearing on the premium they’ll pay for travel insurance, but age, length of the trip and destination (for example the American healthcare system is really expensive) are the major factors.

“We want Michael and Sarah to know that if they do get into trouble while they’re away, our Emergency Assistance team is always on hand.”

World Nomads also publishes an extensive list of travel safety articles with practical information for independent-minded travelers and first-person stories about travel, such as “How a panty liner saved me in the Atacama desert.”

“We also cover more than 150 adventure activities,” added Sylvester.

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