US News names 5 things that aren't covered.

In an unusual spin on the "what's covered?" question we were asked to identify limits

Photo © US News

US News wanted to uncover common misconceptions about travel insurance coverage, so revelaed "5 surprising things that aren't covered."

Not really surprising that ore-existing medical conditons were on the list, but so too was extreme sport.

"We cover everything from abseiling to zorbing, but there are restrictions like how deep you can go diving (30 meters) or how high you can go trekking (6,000 meters)," explains Phil Sylvester of World Nomads. "We cover over 150 adventure sports activities, but some are too risky for us to cover, such as ski joering," he explains, pointing out that the policy doesn't cover any extreme sport "that poses a high degree of danger unless it is listed on the site."

Read the full article to get more and reveal the other 4 'surprises'.

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