The World Nomads Go Mad Travel List for 2018

The hottest destinations for adventure travel revealed.


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In a recent travel intent survey of World Nomads, almost 13% said they had plans to go to the land of smiles, as Thailand is known.

“Thailand is perfect for the independent traveler.” Said World Nomads’, Phil Sylvester. “There are big cities and small villages, great natural beauty, fabulous food and a legendary nightlife, plus it’s relatively cheap, so the hard-earned travel dollar goes a long way.”

It’s not just about Kao San Road, Koh Samui and “the place where they filmed The Beach” with World Nomads offering advice on how to get off the beaten path in Thailand.

“Floating houses in southern Thailand to trekking in the Chang Mai highlands – Thailand has it all.” Said Mr. Sylvester.

The World Nomads Go Mad list for 2018

  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • France
  • Peru
  • New Zealand
  • USA
  • Spain
  • Australia


Thailand was the only destination that topped double figures in the survey, the next most popular destination was the United Kingdom at 8.6%.

“The UK is always popular with American travelers, maybe it’s the Mayflower connection? Regardless there’s so much history, heritage, and culture there to explore.” Said Mr. Sylvester.


Also revealed in the survey; the love affair with Iceland continues with 7.8% of respondents revealing they’re heading there this year.

“After you’ve checked out one of their spectacular waterfalls don’t forget to make the most of the music festivals, Nordic cuisine, and great nightlife.” Said, Mr. Sylvester,

World Nomads has published an Insider’s Guide to the best of Iceland for the independent traveler.


Iceland is equal in popularity with a perennial favorite, Italy.

“Wine, cheese, incredible food and passionate, friendly people, what’s not to love?” said Mr. Sylvester.

Check out the videos of the Nomads we sent to sample the flavor of Italy in our Passport & Plate series.

“If you go to one of the less well-known regions, as we did, you’ll enjoy an authentic experience that’s every bit as good as Rome or Florence – probably better.” Said Mr. Sylvester.

Experiential Travel

World Nomads is a travel brand which prizes experiences, connections and moments over bucket lists and sight-seeing.

“The true adventure is in the things you learn from the people you meet along the way.” Said Mr. Sylvester.

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