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The winner will be announced on 14 October, 2016.

Travel Film Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How old do I need to be to be eligible for the scholarship?
You need to be over 18 at the time of the application deadline (before September 28, 2016).
2. Am I considered a professional filmmaker?

This is a gray area, and very tricky to put measures around. We appreciate that the filmmaking and presenting industries are difficult to break into and there are a lucky few who can count themselves as professional full-time filmmakers or presenters.

This scholarship is very much about the mentorship opportunity, and the judging panel will be selecting the person or team who they feel will most benefit from the learning opportunity. So if you have already been commissioned to make films (in any genre) or have had your work broadcast on numerous occasions, it is unlikely you will be selected.

You will be asked to outline your experience to date in the submission process, and it will be the judging panel who decides who is most suitable based on their video and written component. So whilst we are not stipulating exactly what does and does not constitute a professional, think about the spirit of the mentorship program and whether you think you would make the most ideal candidate(s).

3. I speak very little English. Will this be a problem?
English does not have to be your first language, but you do need to have conversational English for this scholarship. In order for you to get the most of the mentorship you will need to be able to understand and converse with your mentor, Brian, on the trip.
4. Do I need a current passport? What about visa requirements?
You need a current passport with at least eight months left before expiry. We'll assist the winner in acquiring a visa and reimburse all associated costs, however the applicant must be eligible to obtain a Vietnamese visa.
5. I am Vietnamese. Can I apply for this scholarship?
Yes, of course our friends from Vietnam are eligible too!


1. Can I enter more than once?
No, you can only submit one entry.
2. Can a pair or team submit an entry?
No, each film must be submitted by an individual filmmaker. While in previous years we have allowed team submissions, this year we're looking for a one-person show, needing nothing more than a camera and a sense of adventure to unearth a great story.
3. Can I make video in my local language with English Subtitles?
Yes, however you must keep in mind that English skills are paramount, as our mentor, Brian Rapsey, only speaks English.
4. Can I use previous travel footage I have shot?
The travel video may be compiled from previous travel videos you've shot.
5. I have some great material but from a phone. Will it have a chance?
Have a look at the winning videos of our previous film scholarships and see if your footage compares. Remember, the film needs to have good audio too!
6. Can I include animation in my film?
Yes, you may have some animation, but you must still adhere to the brief.
7. Can I include music in my film?
Yes, you can include music in your film. However, please be aware, you will need to follow the guidelines outlined by YouTube & Vimeo. If you use copyrighted music, you run the risk of your entire audio track being stripped from your video.
8. Can I use photos within the film?
Yes, you can use photographs in your film. However a film compiled solely of photographs will not be considered, you need to demonstrate your skill with the moving image.
9. Do I have to interview someone in the film?
Being able to interview a subject is an important skill in documentary making. Your film should showcase your ability to coax a good story out of your subject. Your brief is to paint their picture for us – show us how they traveled and the emotions they felt during their experience. Find out what they have done, where they have been, what kind of person they are, and why you find them interesting. Bring to life their compelling travel story and share their unique philosophies, quirky travel rituals and fascinating curiosities.
10. Do I need to appear in the film?
You don't need to appear in the film. However, you can film yourself or narrate the story if you wish.
11. The application form is asking for an "embed code" what is this and how to I get it?
Yes, for your video to appear on your application page you will need to copy and paste the embed code of your video into the application form. To find the embed code for your video follow the steps outlined here for Youtube and here for videos on Vimeo.
12. Can I edit my application once submitted?
No, you cannot change or edit your application in any way once it has been submitted. Please check, and double-check your application before you hit the 'Submit' button.

The Trip

1. What will I have to produce from my trip?
Under the mentorship of Brian Rapsey you will be shooting a short 5-7 minute travel documentary, you will then attend a post-production workshop in Hanoi to commence your editing work. Within two months of your return, you will complete your video and submit the piece to World Nomads.

You will also keep a daily diary about your time on the trip and upload this plus pictures you've taken to your World Nomads travel journal.

2. Are the trip dates final or could they be altered a little?
Yes, these dates are final.
3. What will the mentorship entail?
Every day on assignment you'll catch up with your mentor Brian to review your footage, discuss your story direction and ply him with your filmmaking questions over some Nước sâm (Vietnamese herbal tea).
4. How can I prepare for my trip?
Prior to departure, we'll work with the winner(s) to flesh out themes, story lines and potential filming ideas... then we'll let you loose to research and get amongst it!
5. Will I need to bring my own gear? If so, what gear do I need to bring?
Yes, you will need to bring your own gear. You will need to have a camera capable of capturing reasonably good quality video and audio. DSLR's and camcorders are preferable, GoPros and iPhones are less preferable - simply because you are limited in what you can do with them. However, if you are able to demonstrate you have an excellent eye for a story and an excellent grasp of visual language, we will look past gear limitations.
6. Can I bring a travel companion or my partner along for the trip?
Only the winner will be allowed on assignment. Should the winner wish to extend their stay in Vietnam after the assignment, this can be discussed.
7. Is there any other way to get into the program besides the scholarship? Can I pay for my room & board myself and take part in the program?
No, unfortunately, you cannot pay your way onto this trip.


1. I have a problem submitting my application. Can I email my entry to you? Help!

No, you cannot email your film to us. All applicants need to fill the application page and submit their applications via our website.

If you have encountered any specific issues please contact us at

2. I'm not sure if my application was submitted correctly. How do I check this?
If your application is successful, you will automatically receive an email confirmation. You can also check if your application has been submitted, by going to this page and searching for your application. If submitted successfully, your application will appear here (along with everyone else's applications).

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Applications closed September 28, 2016 at 11PM (EDT)

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