World Nomads Affiliate Program Set-up Guide

How to get the most out of your affiliate partnership on the CJ platform

Since 2002 World Nomads has been helping affiliates turn their love of travel into a revenue stream.  Global travel brands and businesses, as well as individual affiliates, have benefited from referring a range of global travel insurance products, services and content to their customers, readers and followers:​

  • Flat rate payments per quote​
  • 60 Day Cookie duration​
  • Products aimed at curious and adventurous travelers aged 18 through to 69 (or 64 depending on Country of Residence) ​
  • Opportunities to get involved in exciting World Nomads brand campaigns with other leading travel industry partners ​
  • Regional support and engagement with our Partnerships team​

I’ve been accepted to the World Nomads Affiliate Program, ​now what?

Welcome to the World Nomads Affiliate Program on CJ.​In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about being a publisher for our program, including:​

  • Creating and placement of links​
  • Locating and using creative assets​
  • Payment information
  • Support for affiliates

 Link placement suggestions

Our links get more traffic from pages where the travel intent is high. Place links with content that users will be searching for or accessing when they are about to or have just booked their travel.​​

Travel operators / businesses ​

  1. Booking confirmation page​
  2. Trip itineraries​
  3. Packing checklist​
  4. Trip package details OR Trip inclusions

Travel content creators

  1. Destination guides​
  2. Travel resources/Gear/Essentials ​
  3. What to bring guides​
  4. Travel Safety content ​

Please note - if you're creating content that mentions World Nomads, you must always follow our content guidelines and submit to for approval before publishing.

How to access links

CJ Account Manager​

  • Access links on the CJ Account Manager by navigating to Links > Search
  • Using the search bar as shown in the image below, type in ‘World Nomads‘ or keyword (example: travel insurance)​
  • Click Search
A screenshot of a CJ menu depicting what to select when using the platform

Searching for links

Filtering by link type is a great way to narrow your search. Link types available are:

  • Text Link
  • Content Link
  • Banner

How to Pull Link Code:​

  1. When you find the right link, click on Get Code
  2. Select your desired website from the Website dropdown on the left​
  3. REMEMBER: Click Update Code to record any changes to the link   ​
  4. Choose Click URL from the choice of code types for a simple link​
  5. Use CJ-encoded link to begin tracking and earning affiliate commissions​
A screenshot from CJ depicting how to pull a link code

How links are structured

PID - Website ID (Publisher website ID)
AID - Link ID (Advetiser branding link ID)

Please noted that when including any links, banners, copy etc. you must also our disclaimer on the same page. This can be located the same way you locate all other links above, just enter ‘Disclaimer’ in the search field.

Creative assets

The banner links below, and many more, can be found on the CJ platform. Just follow these steps:​

  1. Log in to your CJ Publisher Account ​
  2. On the top bar, choose Links > Search ​
  3. Type the advertiser’s name ​
  4. Select Banner under Link Type​
  5. Get your tracking html​
A screenshot of a digital world nomads advert A screenshot of a digital world nomads advert A screenshot of a digital world nomads advert
A screenshot of CJ depicting how to edit and update creative assets


Our program features a Standard Action Lifecyle, meaning all transactions generated within a calendar month can be updated until the 10th of the following month. The transaction will then move to Locked then Closed status. Payment is released around the 20th and 28th if your total Closed commissions exceed your Minimum Payout Amount. If your Minimum Payout Amount is not met, the unpaid earnings roll over to the next month and appear as part of your Balance on the Account > Balance Details page. See diagram below:

A diagram explaining how payments works for the world nomads partner program

We pay flat fees on the following types of actions:​

  • Completed quotes during a single user session​
  • The user must have clicked on one of your affiliate links or banners​ 

What We Don’t Payout On

  • Misuse of affiliate links to artificially increase quote count ​
  • Quotes that we are unable to fulfil, for example; where the website returns an error or notice advising the product is unavailable.​
  • Referrals originating from content or links not generated by CJ.​

​Payout Tiers available

The following tiers consider any previous history of you working with us, audience size and reach, brand alignment and travel intent of your audience (conversion potential).​ 

  • Gold – USD $3.18 per Quote ​
  • Silver – USD $1.59 per Quote ​
  • Bronze – USD $0.83 per Quote ​

Earning Potential

  • On average, you’ll drive 30 quotes from 100 clicks​
  • Average EPC $47.37 USD​


This Welcome Kit is designed to help you achieve scalable growth with World Nomads. For additional support navigating the CJ Account Manager, please visit the Support Center.​ 

To access the Support Center, log into the CJ Account Manager and select the question mark icon on the top right corner of the page. ​

A screenshot of the CJ support center
A screenshot of the CJ support center

Helpful links

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you probably have a lot of questions, and we’ll continue adding to these FAQs as we work our way through updating our World Nomads Affiliate Program. If you don’t see your question answered here, please email

Content Guidelines

What you can and can't do when creating content as a World Nomads affiliate. 

For further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at