• What is travel insurance and how does it work?
    Travel insurance is designed to help customers cover expenses if something unexpected goes wrong before or during their trip, for certain defined events such as lost, stolen or damaged baggage, cancellation, medical events and more. Cover is only available for a trip outside of the United Kingdom. A customer may currently be in the United Kingdom or travelling outside of the United Kingdom when they buy or extend this policy. The travellers pay the insurance company a fee, called a 'premium,' which can vary based on where they’re traveling, how long the trip is, their age and what activities they plan to participate in. The insurance company agrees to cover costs (up to a certain limit) for things like emergency medical treatment, damaged or stolen luggage, delayed flights, or non-refundable expenses should the customer have to unexpectedly cancel your trip.
  • Is travel insurance the same as health insurance?
    Travel insurance is not a substitute for primary health insurance and won't cover non-essential overseas medical treatment, such as routine exams. Also, personal health insurance may not cover costs while traveling out of the country or might exclude certain activities. With travel insurance, a customer can explore their boundaries (within reason, of course) and still be covered.
  • Who are World Nomads UK policies underwritten by?
    This policy is arranged and managed by nib Travel Services Europe (UK Branch) on behalf of the insurer, Inter Partner Assistance S.A. UK Branch. This policy is underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance S.A. UK Branch, which is part of the AXA Group. World Nomads supports a global community of independent and adventurous travellers by providing a range of travel services.
  • Who is eligible for cover?
    Customers are eligible for cover under this insurance if their country of residence is the United Kingdom (defined as: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), and are 64 years old or younger at the time they buy or extend their policy.
  • Travel Insurance: what is your country of residence?

    For the purposes of travel insurance, a person’s Country of Residence is generally the place where they legally reside, not necessarily their country of citizenship or where they were born. A customer confirms the United Kingdom, being their country of residence, is where they:

    • are a citizen or legal resident with unrestricted right of entry; and
    • have their home at which they have lived during the 24 months before policy purchase; and
    • have access to long-term medical care if they require a medical repatriation under this policy.
    “Home” means their principal, permanent residential address at which they have lived during the 24 months before policy purchase and as shown on their Certificate of Insurance.

  • What are the differences between a Standard and an Explorer Plan?
    World Nomads offers two plans:
    • Standard Plan: Includes a range of benefits such as overseas medical, coverage for belongings, pre-trip cancellation and certain adventure activities.
    • Explorer Plan: Has all the benefits of a Standard Plan and a few more, along with higher benefit limits.
    An easy way to see the differences is to refer to the Sales Guide which will give you a quick breakdown of which benefits are available under each plan and the applicable benefit limits or to refer to the policy wording, which details the coverage in full.

  • Can I upgrade my plan mid-trip?
    A customer cannot upgrade from a Standard Plan to an Explorer Plan mid trip, so they are strongly advised to choose carefully from the outset.
  • Do World Nomads cover adventure sports and activities?

    Yes – World Nomads travel insurance plans offer cover for more than 200 adventure sports and activities.

    Each activity listed has a level of cover. When a customer buys a policy and adds the activities they plan on doing, they will be covered for participating in all activities at that level and all activities in the levels below.

    (1) Level 1 (lowest level)
    (2) Level 2
    (3) Level 3
    (4) Level 4

    Note: Some activities have special conditions and specific exclusions, in addition to other conditions and exclusions that apply to all benefits. Customers should always check the policy wording for full details.

  • Do customers need to include stopovers as a destination when buying travel insurance?
    While there may be many reasons to buy travel insurance to help protect against unforeseen events such as trip cancellation, injuries, overseas medical or dental emergencies, or baggage cover, customers don’t need to purchase any extra travel insurance if you are making a quick stop-over in a country and not planning to leave the airport. If there's a change in destination, it may not be possible to provide cover on the same policy, and a new policy will need to be purchased. We will let you know if that's the case.
  • Can a customer buy travel insurance if already overseas?
    With a World Nomads policy, customers can buy cover anytime, anywhere. Plus, if they decide to stay longer somewhere or want to change direction on a whim, World Nomads are happy to extend their policy as long as it’s done before the end date shown on their Certificate of Insurance. Please note, waiting periods and limitations may apply.
  • Cancelling Your Policy: Cooling-Off Periods Explained

    All World Nomads Travel Insurance policies are subject to a ‘cooling-off’ period within which a customer may be able to cancel their policy without any penalty. Outside of this period, if a customer wants to cancel their policy, they can contact World Nomads.

    UK residents have up to 21 calendar days from when we issue their Certificate of Insurance and policy wording to cancel their policy. This is called their cooling-off period.

    If they choose to cancel their policy within the cooling-off period, we will refund their premium, provided that:

    • they haven’t travelled under your policy; and
    • they are not making a claim; and
    • they are not exercising any other right under the policy.

    A customer may cancel their policy within the cooling-off period and before the start date on the policy by signing into their World Nomads membership or by contacting the Customer Service team.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

  • What is a pre-existing medical condition?

    A pre-existing medical condition is where a customer, a member of their travelling party, a close relative or any other person upon whom their trip depends:

    • has a medical or dental condition or related complication for which advice, treatment or medication has been prescribed by a medical practitioner, dentist, or a chiropractor within the 180 days, and of which they are aware, before (a) purchasing their policy; (b) starting their trip; (c) extending their policy; or (d) resuming their trip after returning home early; or
    • has an ongoing medical or dental condition, or related complication the symptoms of which they are aware at the time of (a) purchasing their policy; (b) starting their trip; (c) extending their policy; or (d) resuming their trip after returning home early; or
    • has an ongoing medical or dental condition, or related complication which is currently being or has been investigated by a medical practitioner, dentist or a chiropractor; and of which they are aware at the time of (a) purchasing their policy; (b) starting their trip; (c) extending their policy; or (d) resuming their trip after returning home early.

    In addition, if a customer takes out cover while already overseas, they have to wait 72 hours before any cover is activated. Any illness or injury that occurs during this waiting period may be considered a pre-existing medical condition for the remaining period of their insurance. There are exceptions if the traveller suffers a sudden accidental injury within the 72 hours; refer to the policy wording for details.

  • How are pre-existing medical conditions covered by travel insurance?

    World Nomads do not cover claims or expenses resulting from any pre-existing medical conditions which affect the customer, their travelling party, a close relative, or other people upon whom their trip depends, unless otherwise expressly stated in their policy.

    Customers will ultimately be liable to pay for all expenses incurred as a result of a pre-existing medical condition, which can be prohibitive in some countries.

    In most instances our policies still cover many events for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions that can take place while on the road, as long as the event is not as a result of the pre-existing medical condition(s). This includes cover for:

    • Baggage and personal belongings
    • Medical, including evacuation and repatriation for sudden and unexpected illnesses or accidental injuries which are not pre-existing medical conditions
    • Natural catastrophes
    • Lost or damaged passports, licenses or other travel documents
    • Travel delay.

    Our policy may also cover cancellation if, after they have purchased the policy and before they start their trip, the customer or someone whose health their trip is dependent on suffers a serious illness or injury.

  • Which existing medical conditions are not covered by my travel insurance?
    We do not cover any claims arising from pre-existing medical conditions, except for claims under Section 2.1, where: after the date a customers policy is purchased and before the start date of their trip the customer, a member of their travelling party, a close relative or any other person upon whose health their trip depends receives medical advice or treatment for a medical or dental condition (which the customer had previously not known about); and they have no option but to cancel their trip. However, if a customer purchased this policy after leaving home and they suffer an illness or injury (which they had previously not known about) before the start date of their trip, as shown on their Certificate of Insurance, then there is no cover under Section 2.1 of this policy for cancellation of their trip.