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Project Overview:

This project will improve food security through access to highland farmland with construction of an affordable  and effective river crossing suspension bridge.  Once basic needs (such as securing the food supply) are taken care of, alternative supplemental livelihoods through ecotourism activities  such as trekking, homestays,  horse riding, ethnic dance & music will be created.  There are more details of these phases below.

Bridge project - Phase 1 complete.

World Expeditions group visited the Seuang River site between 9-12 October 2009. The group started construction of the bridge and completed the first phase of the foundation with great success. Team was very pleased with accomplishments and had great time with Po Nowan Villagers.

“Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this worthy cause and I loved every minute of it. The people the place and the company . I take my hat off to everyone involved.” Sue Murray World Expeditions Lao CPT participant

The bridge project will be continued by other organisations over 2 more phases and will the project will conclude in January 2010.

Hmong village elders perform animist blessing ceremony while lowland Lao construction workers perform Buddhist prayer for safety of everyone working on project. October 8, 2009

Volunteers getting stuck into foundation construction

Part of the concrete foundations in the foreground and a glimpse of the first tower in right hand corner

Part of a larger project:

The construction of the suspension bridge is one component of a much larger program of works to invigorate the Seung River region and create sustainable livelihoods though Eco Tourism opportunities.

1.  Community lodge construction (Phase 1 of the Eco Tourism Lodge opened to guests in Oct 09)
2.  Village water supply improvement
3.  Kindergarten & elementary school construction (the Houay Pho Elementary School project)
4.  Historic temple restoration
5.  Village library & resource centre
6.  Agricultural education centre for regional junior high school
7.  Toilet and dormitory for regional high school
8.  Village meeting hall
9.  Livestock improvement scheme
10.  Traditional handcraft centre

The Houay Pho Elementary School opening ceremony on 14 October 2009. The previous village school was made of bamboo and leaves.

Can I visit this project?

Yes – it would be wonderful! The project is in easy reach of Luang Prabang. 
You can contact the Sueung River Experience here to make enquiries

Keep updated

There is a blog detailing progress on all elements of the Seuang River Experience projects, including many photos.  Read more about it.

Or follow progress of project teams in the field on Twitter:

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