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This is the second year of our expanded Teacher Training & Quality Education (TTQE) program which will have a direct impact in the educational opportunities of over 16,500 students.  It extends educational opportunities well beyond the more prosperous Sherpa region in the vicinity of Mt Everest and focuses on the impoverished region of Sotang that is in dire need of educational support. 

The 2009/10 Teacher Training Prgram builds on the several years of successful grassroots education projects which Footprints has funded (see past project reports here).

Educational improvements

The TTQE program aims to increase the opportunities for students in this impoverished Himalayan region by greatly improving:

  • Teaching and learning levels
  • The rates of retention and transition into secondary school
  • An understanding of how students learn through child psychology
  • Teaching practices that promote critical and creative thinking to engage learners
  • The availability of trained teachers in all subjects – thus easing a severe shortage

The program schedule

Each year the main thrust of the program is conducted in late November through to early January via a series of workshops that include:

  1. Key teacher training workshop held in Salleri. There are two workshops scheduled this year for around 35 teachers from around Salleri and lower Khumbu regions.   The aim of each workshop is to train the key teachers to train other teachers in the region.
  2. Refresher teacher training held in Salleri. The workshops will attract around 150 teachers from approx 135 schools from lower Khumbu, Salleri and Sotang.  The aim of the workshop is to provide additional training to teachers would already have attended the main teacher-training workshop.
  3. Primary teacher training held in Sotang. The workshops will attract around 300 teachers from approx 65 schools. The aim of the workshop is to provide an initial training for inexperienced teachers who may have only completed a rudimentary education.

This Footprints funded project will provide approx 50% of the costs for entire workshop program & supply of educational materials being undertaken by the Australian Himalayan Foundation.  The remaining funds are provided by the Ian McNair Charitable Foundation

Educational issues in this region of Nepal

The Solu Khumbu region comprises of three districts - the Khumbu (Everest) region and Sotang to the southeast and Necha to the southwest. Khumbu is also divided in the upper Khumbu and lower Khumbu.

In the impoverished and remote regions of Solu Khumbu there are very limited opportunities for kids.

With highly unsatisfactory learning outcomes and retention rates, teacher education is the most effective way to combat this.  With appropriate teaching methods there is every likelihood that there will be an increase student participation and retention in schools. It also facilitates significant increases in community support (vital for attendance), social cohesion and local involvement in schools.

Better education in turn increases their employment prospects as well as contributing to community well-being.

Community Involvement

The TTQE program is run in conjunction with the local community and experienced volunteers, ensuring sustainable benefits and increased community support.

The AHF project team is led by a highly experienced teacher training coordinator together with a team of Australian volunteer teacher trainers and local Nepalese teacher trainers. All teachers are from the local communities.

Other ways to get involved with this project:

Australian teachers (and other nationalities) can participate as volunteer trainers of key teachers as well as helping with general teacher training.  Contact the Australian Himalayan Foundation

You can also visit some of the 130 schools involved, on specific occasions as a member of an AHF support trek (coordinated by World Expeditions), subject to availability and timings.

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