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1. Save Sharks Through Community Engagement in Panama

This project aims to help to save threatened species of sharks and rays in Panama's biodiversity-rich Coiba Island – a Marine National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site and an increasingly important adventure travel destination.

As a result of the project The MarAlliance and the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund aim to:

  • Establish long-term, standardized and participatory monitoring of sharks and rays in Coiba National Park using non-invasive methods
  • Engage visitors, local guides and divers in a collaborative and comprehensive citizen science project to provide long-term data on sharks and rays in Coiba, which complements and expands the long-term monitoring efforts
  • Engage the Tourism sector and two key coastal fishing communities in education and outreach and qualitatively demonstrate a change in negative perceptions towards sharks and consumer behavior over the long term
  • Integrate monitoring and citizen science results into the Coiba National Park management plans and use them to guide enforcement efforts

2. Protect Argentina's El Impenetrable National Park Through Tourism Development

This project will help promote El Impenetrable National Park as a world-renowned sustainable tourism destination for adventure travelers, bird watchers, and wildlife enthusiasts. Saving a landscape as a national park is only part of the preservation battle. Preserving the spirit of these places by creating a quality visitor experience and improving the lives of the local communities that inhabit the area is also essential.

As a result of the project Fundacion Flora y Fauna Argentina and the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund aim to:

  • Provide easy access to digital information about the park
  • Improve infrastructure and visitor service facilities - providing greater public access to the park
  • Maintain hiking trails
  • Develop a wide range of affordable, high-quality tourist activities established at different sections of the park
  • Create a team of local development leaders to work in the communities around the park
  • Empower the local community committed to conserving Argentina’s natural and cultural resources