How Education And Tourism is Impacting Life in Nepal

This is the story of Gita, an incredible teacher-trainer committed to making a difference to the future generation of Nepal. The World Nomads Footprints Network is proud to support projects like this.


World Nomads believes in giving back to the places in which we travel. This is why when you buy travel insurance with us you can also choose to make a micro-donation to community development projects around the world. One of these amazing projects is run by the Australian Himalayan Foundation through its local Nepalese partner REED. Its ongoing Teacher Training and Quality Education program aims to improve the quality of education delivered in rural Nepal, so that children are equipped with the kind of education that changes lives. 

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  • jewel star said

    I think this can be very useful for everyone who involved in this. As we can see Tourists can give good info and knowledge to the villagers where ever they visit in the world. and in response, they can get good opportunities from them. like teach children and get some food or stay play from their parents...

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