Kind-hearted Restaurants Upskilling Youths in Need

Travelers can now support seven social enterprises empowering disadvantaged young people in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar – just by eating out.


Ever wish you could make a positive impact when you travel to communities that need a helping hand? In this Footprints video, World Nomads shares how Friends-International is making a difference in Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia with the help of travelers like you.

For many young people in Southeast Asia, it can be challenging to gain the skills and education they need to find meaningful employment. Through its TREE restaurant initiative, Friends-International is upskilling disadvantaged youths by providing vocational training in hospitality and tourism. TREE stands for Training Restaurants for Employment and Entrepreneurship.

TREE restaurants are now open in seven locations in Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, improving the quality of life and employability of young people in need. Travelers have the chance to support these social enterprises, and interact with locals in the communities they visit, simply by dining there. Why not book a table?

World Nomads raised $10,000 for a Friends-International project through our Footprints program, which offers travelers the chance to donate to non-profit organisations and social enterprises around the world. 

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