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Video: Hot Pink in Havana

A Cuban history lesson from the passenger seat of a vintage Buick.

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By Stephen Friedman


6 Jul 2018 - 7 Minute Read


In many ways, Cuba is frozen in the 1960s. You’ll see vintage cars being used as taxis all over Havana – they’re an emblematic part of the city – so we wanted to do a story about them. A guy at our hotel introduced us to Michael, the taxi driver in this video. His car is beautiful, like a museum piece – looking at it is actually better than being in it. He showed us the special horn he designed, which can play any song.

Riding around in a classic car is a bit of a tourist stereotype, but the best part about being driven by Michael is hearing about the history of Cuba as he drove. He also told us that he has a goal of reading a page from the dictionary each day, in order to improve his English.

Meeting Michael was really important to this project, because he introduced us to a number of locals who inspired other videos.

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