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Our Most Engaging Social Posts Over the Years

As World Nomads celebrates a milestone anniversary, we also want to celebrate our amazing and ever-inspiring Instagram community. These are the posts that resonated the most.

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By Ellen Hall

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11 Jan 2023 - 4 Minute Read


World Nomads was founded based on a love of travel and the desire to connect and share stories with our fellow travelers. As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we’ve been looking back on the ways our community has helped support this mission over the years. So instead of featuring our favorite Instagram photos of 2022, we’ve pulled the most engaging posts for each year going back to 2016, which is the year we started our #WorldNomads Instagram account.

These posts span the globe from Bolivia to Mongolia, from Indonesia to Iceland – but they all celebrate the everyday joys and indelible moments of travel that make all the challenges worth it.


The “Gates of Heaven,” Bali, Indonesia
The “Gates of Heaven,” Bali, Indonesia

"Never a disappointment from anywhere behind these gates!" – @shoot_the_route


Pai, Thailand
Pai, Thailand

“There's something magical about Pai. 🍃✨” – @aswetravl


Lago Colorado, Bolivia
Lago Colorado, Bolivia

“I think llamas have become my new favourite animals. Here a bunch of them are sitting on the volcanic rock surrounding Lago Colorada. In Bolivia they are not found in the wild like their Vicuña cousins, they are only domesticated, much like cows in other parts of the world.” – @jpjordaan


Fan Si Pan, Sa Pa, Vietnam
Fan Si Pan, Sa Pa, Vietnam

“The highest point in Indochina (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) at 3,143 m (10,312 ft). We felt like we were back in Iceland at the top. Crazy winds, clouds moving over us like they were being time-lapsed, 20 degree drop in temperature, trying to photograph with frozen hands. Yet it was beautiful and exhilarating. Hard to believe structures like this bell tower are near the summit. Definitely the highlight of Sapa so far!✌🏼” – @zestedmelon


Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue, Mongolia
Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue, Mongolia

“The statue is symbolically pointed east towards Genghis Khan's birthplace and is on top of a visitor center.” – @lakwatserongtsinelas


Gilgit, Pakistan
Gilgit, Pakistan

“Twin rainbows over Gilgit and the colorful Ghizer river. A very rare moment to witness.” – @taseerbeyg


“What are your thoughts about solo travel?

If I never started traveling solo, my life would look very different right now. People who say it's dangerous or scary have probably never tried it themselves.

Every solo trip I've gone on has changed me. Yes, it can be challenging at times especially not knowing the language. But it's also incredible meeting locals, immersing yourself in the culture and seeing the world from a different POV!” – @alisontheadventurer

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