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Video: Life Without Space

What’s it like to live on the world’s most densely populated island?

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By Andrés Brenner


10 Jan 2018 - 5 Minute Read


We’re always looking for unique stories to tell, and when we learned about this very special island off the shores of Colombia, we had to find out more.

It’s obvious who’s a tourist here, since all the locals know each other. Tourist boats come every day and stay half an hour, but we stayed for four days. We didn’t know how the locals would react to our cameras – would they be open to us, or annoyed by our curiosity?

Fortunately, they were welcoming from the start.

The community is very tightly knit, which is essential when you need to pass through each other’s houses in order to get around. They share almost everything, and no one goes hungry. We were very inspired by the way they help and support one another.

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Winner of the World Nomads 2013 Travel Film Scholarship, Andrés is a co-founder of Meanwhile Productions.

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  • Shana Haughton said

    Beautiful story... More stories like this need to be told. I love that they are people of color.. Diaspora storie should be covered more. US has a very myopic view of the world and stories like this help to expand the mind.

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