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Video: I Quit Hunting to Protect

An Amazon community forms a new relationship with the rainforest.

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By Andrés Brenner


11 Jan 2018 - 5 Minute Read


As lovers of wildlife, my girlfriend and I were intrigued to hear about a remote Amazon community that gave up hunting and now works to protect the animals in the jungle. When we told them about the type of stories we create, they invited us to the village so we could help them promote their cause.

We asked the reason for the change. They told us that they used to hunt monkeys, but noticed that they were seeing fewer than before, and had to go deeper and deeper into the jungle to find their prey. The monkeys were in danger of extinction.

Hunting has been the way of life in this village for generations, and they might have said, “Why go against our tradition?” But the whole community supported the decision to stop hunting, and as a result, they’ve seen the monkeys come back.

We were impressed with their openness to change their thinking and form a new relationship with the forest. Now they’re trying to influence other Amazon communities to do the same.

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Winner of the World Nomads 2013 Travel Film Scholarship, Andrés is a co-founder of Meanwhile Productions.

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    It is sooooo gooood, I loooove it!!!

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    Thank you for sharing the world your discoveries

  • Chabbs Rivera said

    Thank you for sharing your first hand stories about other countries and places you have journeyed. Your insights gave me a Birds eye view of what other countries are doing to help Preserve our wild life.

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