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Video: The Story of Salsa

Seeing this Cuban couple dance was like watching a love story unfold.

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6 Jul 2018 - 8 Minute Read


The one thing about Cuba that really stood out to us was that, no matter what the time of day or place, there would be people dancing. We decided to do a film about it, but our real aim was to tell the story of a couple that fell in love through their shared passion for salsa. We didn’t want to go to a salsa club – we wanted to find everyday people.

We put the word out that we were looking for a local couple, and a few days later, we were introduced to Maureliz and her husband, both professional salsa dancers. He’s quite a bit older than she is, so at first it was hard to imagine them as a couple. But then, back at their apartment, they turned on the music and danced like no one was watching. Their love for one another was clear, and their age didn’t matter – music gives you a young soul.

Right before we left, we asked them if they dance in their apartment often, or was this set up just for us. With smiles on their faces, they told us they dance together almost every day.

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