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Why it pays to have travel insurance

The last thing you want to do is think about all the things that might go wrong before or during  your trip, but crazy and unexpected things can and do happen. We have been around since 2002, offering simple and flexible travel insurance products and helping independent travelers like you.

We strongly believe you should consider travel insurance when planning your next trip, but don't just take our word for it – here's just a few examples of what our customers have to say about us.

Simpy the best!

I've been using World Nomads for almost ten years now and have never been disappointed. Easy to take a policy out, (love the microdonations option), extend and claim if required. I would recommend World Nomads in a heartbeat to any international traveller looking for travel insurance. I have suggested that World Nomads introduce an online chat facility for claims and an App at the earliest.


5 star review on 10 May 2024


We were of course super bummed when my husband was injured just over a week before our big Morocco/Southern Euro trip. I had no idea how insurance would pan out, but was so thankful that Trip Mate and World Nomads were so obliging and pretty expedient! It was about six weeks between filing the claim and getting our checks. When we rebook our trip, I will definitely go through this company again.


5 star review on 26 April 2024

Reliable Travel Insurance!!!!

I have purchased over 30 policies from World Nomads since 2015. I have claimed on 3 of them and all three claims were settled in full. The claim process is very thorough but efficient and once all the documents are submitted the claims were settled. This is how travel insurance should work I will strongly recommend World Nomads to anyone.

Sri Lanka

5 star review on 22 April 2024

Best & easiest to use

Been using them for a number of years, the ease of use, reasonable pricing, flexible menu, wide country & activity covers is the best in my book. Made a claim so tested their credentials, and it was trouble less and refunded quickly. I tend to travel with no return ticket and change destinations & time travel as I go along , only found World Nomads could accommodate that with the least restriction , good work WN


5 star review on 19 April 2024

Thank you!

I booked a trip to Singapore and Malaysia in January for me and my wife for March 27-April 11, 2024. We were to visit our son and his family in Johor Bahru for a week, then travel to Sibu Island for the remainder of our trip. Unfortunately, my wife broke her foot in late February so we decided to cancel our trip. We didn't think snorkeling on Sibu Island would work well with a walking boot and crutches. We were able to get 100% refunds for all the pre-paid fees we had paid for housing and airfare. Once I submitted the required documentation you quickly processed a full refund for the travel insurance we are unable to use. Thanks for helping us out. We are very disappointed we will miss visiting with our kids and grandkids. I'm glad we were not disappointed in seeking a refund.


Amazing customer service!

I’ve used World Nomads for quite a few years now and always found them to be very helpful, especially during the dubious covid years. But now I’m extra impressed because this week they’ve gone above and beyond to help me and I’m really grateful to Kasey and team for helping sort out a logistical nightmare. They were fast to respond and actually helped me find the best and cheapest option for me and my family. Thank you for actually taking the time to think about the best solutions for your customer. Great customer service!


5 star review on 9 February 2024

I love World Nomads

I love World Nomads! Having worked for an insurance company for over 30 years, I appreciate how tough it is to reach this level of customer service. But, they never disappoint. Malina was the best. They are great, and I will use them every time for my travel insurance!


5 star review on 23 January 2024

Easy process & good customer service

I recently bought another policy with World Nomads for my current 6 month trip because I had a great experience with them on my last one. I unfortunately had to visit the hospital and purchase antibiotics on my last trip. They were extremely responsive, filing my claim was quick and simple, and they checked in on me (and asked me how I am feeling) once or twice every day until I healed! Once I returned home, my payment was processed promptly. All in all, it was a good experience and I love that they cover so much more than many others.


5 star review on 23 November 2023

Airline broke my surfboard

Airline broke my surfboard. Once I gathered all the documentation from the airline (hard part) was easy to submit and received full compensation. Will definitely use World Nomads again for future travels.


5 star review on 17 November 2023

World Nomads provides great coverage...

World Nomads provides great coverage for an even better price. We recently had a claim and they resolved it quickly and we received our refund promptly.


5 star review on 17 November 2023

Easy to use, good coverage for traveling climbers!

We needed coverage for a three week road trip in Europe. World Nomads offered what we needed and was easy to understand and purchase. One of our gear bags ended up getting lost during the trip and World Nomads helped us out without a fuss.


5 star review on 16 October 2023

First time buying travel insurance

Bought a policy for Daughter travelling in 3 days time so I wanted swift, clear information about the levels of cover available. Giving 5 stars solely based on ease of the process so far and quick receipt of policy with associated documents. Also considered it to be a satisfactory price when checked against other quotes.


5 star review on 22 September 2023

Highly Recommend WN

We have used World Nomads for about 14 trips since March 2020. Getting quotes is very easy. We have had to turn in 2 claims and the claims were readily reimbursed as promised. The online claim forms are easily completed as long as you have the required documentation (doctor's notes, receipts). The e-checks for reimbursement were sent in a timely manner. We have been very happy with this choice of insurance and will continue to use them. We also have recommended WN to many friends and travelers we meet.


5 star review on 20 September 2023

Hassle-free claim process

I bought a policy for an 9 month trip to Malaysia and Vietnam. WN was a little bit more expensive, but provided a higher level of coverage. Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away while I was on this trip and I put in a claim for trip interruption and WN was great. Despite the fact that my country of residence was the UK and my grandmother lived in the US, WN covered my travel to the US for her funeral and back to Vietnam. The claim process was easy and straight forward and I received the payment very quickly (less than a month). The customer service reps I spoke to were very helpful. I would highly recommend WN for hassle-free travel insurance.


5 star review on 31 August 2023

Excellent service, wouldn't use anyone else!

For the first time in all our travels we unfortunately both became unwell in Thailand resulting in having to get a doctor to our hotel on 2 occasions and the loss of 2 pre-booked tours. World Nomads were absolutely brilliant when we submitted our 2 separate claims, it was very easy and they paid both of the total amounts (less the $100 excess) into our bank account in less than a week. Very impressed!


5 star review on 10 August 2023

Happy Ending!

I never thought I’d actually have to file a claim with World Nomads. My iPhone was stolen off of me in the Milan train station despite my vigilance with all the pickpocket warnings — they are true magicians :( I notified World Nomads right away and from the start they made the claims process very easy. I’m sure having a police report of the theft (all in Italian) and phone receipt helped move the process along. From start to finish, my refund check was issued in less than two months’ time, which was very satisfactory to me. Thank you World Nomads. I’ve recommended you to friends who have recently purchased policies and will definitely be using you again on future travel!


5 star review on 26 July 2023

High Standard of Service over Many Years

I have insured with Nomads for a number of years. They have always been easy and straightforward to deal with. Their claims assessment, in this case, has been very prompt.

New Zealand

5 star review on 25 July 2023

Easy to use

Easy to use. I needed to be sure I had insurance before I left the country. I signed up at the airport in Auckland. Zealand. Thanks World Nomads. Btw. World Nomads looked after me in 2014 when I had a brain injury, falling down stairs. I was completely sober. thanks World Nomads

New Zealand

5 star review on 22 July 2023

They are great!

I've used World Nomad for all my USA trips and every time they have been a great company that makes me feel secure when abroad :D Thank you!


5 star review on 26 June 2023

The cost of travel insurance was reasonable and well worth it.

The cost of travel insurance was reasonable, the claim adjuster was friendly and informative and the payout occurred in a timely and very fair fashion.


5 star review on 24 June 2023

Buying Travel Insurance - YES!

I've been buying travel insurance through World Nomads for several years now and have always had a good experience. Only once was a claim denied and while I would have thought it would be covered, it was a lesson learned. Read each policy so you are clear. World Nomads offers a great service, timing, honest, helpful. I will continue to use their services.


5 star review on 22 June 2023

World Nomads travel insurance is worth every penny

It really sucked to have to cancel our trip due to a sudden medical problem (a blown knee joint requiring knee replacement) but we were relieved we had taken out coverage through World Nomads. The online claims process worked well for us. We only had to contact a claims rep at the beginning to get answers to a couple of preliminary questions. The rep was professional & gave us accurate & complete information. World Nomads & Trip Mate resolved our claim in our favor in a reasonable amount of time, and covered about 90% of our losses. We found this result totally acceptable for our particular situation. We would recommend World Nomads to anyone and plan to use their travel insurance again -- once one of us recuperates from knee replacement surgery and is able to travel again!


5 star review on 30 May 2023

Paid Claim in full

It took approximately 6 weeks to receive payment on our claim - but they paid it in full- including the portion of our prepaid tour that we missed, the rental cost of Airbnb to isolate and hotel for a plane delay.


5 star review on 18 May 2023

International trip and Covid!

We purchased insurance for a trip to Italy (from the US) taken in 2022. At the end of our trip, one of us contracted Covid, and due to quarantine requirements as well as a negative test requirement for flying home, I lost my return flight cost and had some additional expenses. My travel mate flew home as scheduled, but I had to stay for another week. While it was a bit cumbersome, I was able to document my losses, and I was reimbursed by the insurance company within a few weeks for my new return ticket cost as well as an expensive ($210) taxi ride from Siena to the Florence airport. The new flight ticket cost was over $1500 one-way, so it was quite a relief to have it covered! The Italian government paid for the quarantine hotel and meals, so the insurance company lucked out on that. I’m really glad we had insurance for this trip. It was our first time ever needing it.


4 star review on 18 May 2023

One of the most straightforward claims…

One of the most straightforward claims I have ever had to do. The Nomad team were constantly in touch following up and checking in to make sure we were getting the best care and providing information for further treatment. Highly recommended and will be using for any future travels.


5 star review on 15 May 2023

World Nomads has proven to be an exceptional company

World Nomads has proven to be an outstanding company for aquiring travel insurance for my world travels. I have used World Nomads for several trips-- Europe, Latin America, and New Zealand--and soon to South Asia. The plans are cost effective and affordable and the customer service has been truly excellent during a recent claim process. The customer service representative was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable, following up and responding to queries, and most importantly assisting to ensure that the reimbursement process was done expeditiously. I highly recommend World Nomads!


5 star review on 04 May 2023

Only positive experiences with World Nomads

I have purchased trip insurance twice and it's very easy. One trip was canceled due to illness and the claim was also easy to submit. Took a few weeks but everything was taken care of to our satisfaction. We'll definitely purchase their insurance for future trips.


5 star review on 25 April 2023

Motorcycle touring

The whole process was easy and as I wanted my adventure activities Insured ie Motorcycle touring, World Nomads came out the clear winner. Their description of what was and what wasn’t insured was a lot clearer and less convoluted than other companies I had looked at and the price was very competitive.


5 star review on 19 April 2023

I have been using World Nomads for…

I have been using World Nomads for years. It is easy to choose the right insurance needed. Insurance is provided as soon as it is purchased. The cool-off period is also a very interesting and useful feature to increase the customers' piece of mind in case of changes in the planned trip.


5 star review on 14 April 2023

Got COVID while on an international…

Got COVID while on an international trip. We had to cancel a pre booked tour that was non—refundable. We got a verified test, submitted our documents as detailed on the claim page and we got the claim money in a few weeks!


5 star review on 13 April 2023

After our flight was delayed to Cancun…

After our flight was delayed to Cancun due to mechanical issues, we ended up not only having to pay for an extra night at a hotel, but also lost money due to not being able to make it to our original hotel in time. World Nomads reimbursed us for both rooms! Always use them when I travel.


5 star review on 30 March 2023

dental care cost was fully reimbursed

I needed urgent dental care while traveling, involving one diagnostic appointment and then two treatments. I submitted the claim after returning home. World Nomads fully reimbursed the cost of the dental care.


5 star review on 29 March 2023

I forgot to purchase travel insurance…

I forgot to purchase travel insurance before I headed out; my aeroplan rewards travel only covers me for ten days ; I am travelling to visit my family here in Italy and World Nomad had my back. Great service. Great website. Smooth sign up online. Seamless communication. Super easy to get signed up and covered. I love these guys. I highly recommend them.E


5 star review on 27 March 2023

Claim processed in full, no questions

I had a larger medical claim reimbursed in full, no questions, despite paperwork in multiple languages and currencies. Extremely glad I opted to purchase this before my trip


5 star review on 27 March 2023

Last Minute Flight Cancellations!

My wife and I had a last minute flight cancelation causing alot of headaches for us and another nights stay at an unplanned hotel. World Nomads insurance covered our expenses and troubles with no issue. I haven’t had to use the insurance policies that we always purchase before but World Nomads was easy to file a claim with. We will continue to use them for all of our adventure insurance needs!


5 star review on 09 March 2023

Reactivity and Kindness of help center

Reactivity of help center (I couldn't use my visa credit card to pay my insurance on the website). Great kindness of the person who answer to my call; and she accepted to make great efforts to speak slow in English.

French Polynesia

5 star review on 16 February 2023

Reliable and Dependable!

Reliable! In the past when I unfortunately had to make a claim due a medical emergency, World Nomads were upfront, hassle free and covered the majority of my claim where possible.

D G Yakey
South Korea

5 star review on 15 February 2023

Will never be without trip insurance again! Thanks WN!

Never put much thought into trip insurance before but decided going overseas with my bike and all the gear was worth the extra expense. And boy was I glad we did it! Long story short, after the trip, we filed a claim with World Nomads for the expenses incurred due to airline baggage lost/delayed. The claim submittal was easy and hassle free. And wouldn't you know, within 1-2 months we received our refund checks for the additional expenses. I am so stoked and satisfied with the customer service and ease of use with World Nomads. From now on, I will ONLY use them. I hope to never have these issues again, but for the price for the piece of mind, it is so worth it. If you are on the fence about getting coverage, just do it!


5 star review on 13 February 2023

Great Customer Service

I had to change the coverage dates of my policy. When I was not able to add extra days on their website, I reached out with their customer service inquiry online. I had the most pleasant (and prompt) response. My issue was resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. I have been and will continue to recommend them on social platforms.


5 star review on 30 January 2023

Malina was the most responsive customer…

Malina was the most responsive customer service rep I have ever worked with. She provided great answers and guidance on how to proceed with policies.


5 star review on 17 January 2023

Fantastic product & service

Fantastic product & service, awesome customer service... such a value add to a holiday knowing Nomads got my back


5 star review on 09 January 2023

I gladly recommend WorldNomads

I bought travel insurance in September, at that time I didn't know how valuable trip insurance can be if an unforeseen event occurs, because I never had any reason to make a claim. But unfortunately, unforeseen events can occur when you least expect them. So, I had to cancel my trip and I made a claim for the reimbursement of travel expenses. My claim was processed successfully, and I received reimbursement for travel expenses up to the maximum stipulated in the insurance certificate. For those who wrote that they have not yet received their medical or travel expenses reimbursement, I advise you to be patient with them, do not forget that AXA is a world-renowned insurance company and their decision are fair and impartial. Thank you WorldNomads for providing high-quality travel insurance and thank you AXA for handling my claim professionally. I gladly recommend insuring your trip with WorldNomads.

Great Britain

5 star review on 22 December 2022

Satisfied and will use again

Claim was processed pretty quick considering COVID times and the portal was easy to use.


5 star review on 13 December 2022

I had to make a claim as my baggage got…

I had to make a claim as my baggage got lost. Was a simple process and immediate payment. These guys are a+++

Great Britain

5 star review on 11 December 2022

Nice user experience

Excellent user experience, easy to get insurance on any device, including mobile phone.


5 star review on 21 November 2022

This is my second time with World Nomads

This is my second time with World Nomads. I appreciated the last assistance very much in Nepal. You are easy to access and fast on response! Thank you!

New Zealand

5 star review on 15 November 2022

All positive

Fast, easy to use and very fair prices. Relatively easy and honest claim system too. I’ve used several times and got money back when I was due.


5 star review on 13 November 2022

Incredible Empathy and Support

Empathy, support and incredible service at a very difficult time. Above and beyond! I’ve used World Nomads over the last 10 years and this is the first time I’ve needed to make a claim and they were amazing. Personal, calm and professional service. Could not recommend more.

Costa Rica

5 star review on 10 November 2022

Easy to use and understand

Easy to use and understand the travel insurance requirements.


5 star review on 18 October 2022

Always easy to setup

Seamless easy to setup insurance.
I like the ability to donate to worthy charities too.


5 star review on 12 October 2022

I have used World Nomads many times

I have used World Nomads many times. Thankfully, I have only had to make two claims. Both were handled with minimal hassle and appropriately paid. I will continue to use them and recommend them to others!


5 star review on 20 September 2022

Great experience

We needed insurance for an expensive trip to Australia so we contacted a number of ins carriers. We ended up going with World Nomad because of the great pricing and customer service. They picked up the phone virtually right away and spent 30 minutes answering all our questions knowledgeably. It was such a great deal and experience, we bought the insurance the next day.


5 star review on 11 September 2022

Travel delay claim- Easy processing

I had extend my stay in Lima by a night due to airline delays. My travel insurance covered travel delays and my extra night at my hotel was reimbursed within a couple months following my claim submission. Also, this was one of the few policies offering coverage for high altitude hiking. Would recommend World Nomads travel insurance.


5 star review on 21 August 2022

Easy to buy insurance, simple claims process

I have used World Nomads several times, including a one-year trip worldwide. Unfortunately, we had to make claims for medical treatments and stolen items, which they promptly processed.


4 star review on 08 August 2022

Great service

Very quick and easy to buy travel insurance with great coverage at a good price! Love the follow up emails that remind that you can cancel free up to 10 days after purchase if you want to.

United States

5 star review on 12 July 2022

World Nomads is the right choice

World Nomads travel insurance is a great deal and can include coverage for extreme sports. And they're helpful and responsive when you need to make a claim.

United States

5 star review on 3 July 2022

I used Nomads several times

I used World Nomads several times. Then my trip on 2020 was cancelled due to the Pandemic. Although not covered, my communication with World Nomads to reconsider was promising, not outright rejection, in case my trip is re-scheduled by the agency. True enough, it is re-scheduled this year, 2022. World Nomad gave me a refund of my 2020 premium after I got a new insurance for the 2022 trip. Very considerate and responsive to customer-the way to go! Keep it up World Nomad. I will recommend you to my trip companions for their future travel plans.

Vicky S
United States

5 star review on 22 June 2022

We are getting ready to travel in 2023

We are getting ready to travel in 2023, so I don’t have any experience using the insurance and I hope we won’t need it when we are traveling. However, it was easy to purchase and we believe a great deal especially for times as they are today! You never know what is going to happen. It is nice to have some protection.

United States

5 star review on 11 June 2022

Recent reviews

True claims story

I fell on my side and heard the sound of dry stick breaking, I realized my leg was broken, then I just lay on the beach... The first phone call I got was from World Nomads and they basically told me, you don't worry about this Anton, just focus on getting better...and we'll take care of the rest.

World Nomads customer from Iceland

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