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Travel Insurance for a trip to Germany

What you should consider when buying travel insurance for a trip to Germany

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Whatever your plans are when jetting off to Germany, World Nomads travel insurance may be able to help keep your plans on track when you need it the most - you might be planning a family camping trip in East Bavaria, going solo on a summer trip to Rugen Island, or maybe mountain biking with your travel buddy at Bikepark Winterberg.

What's covered

With World Nomads, you can buy travel insurance when you book your trip from home or while you're already traveling around Germany.

World Nomads offers cover for many activities ranging from mountain biking to skiing, surfing, kayaking and scuba diving. All our plans offer cover for:

  • Overseas emergency medical
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Trip cancellation
  • Lost or delayed baggage
  • Travel delay/interruption
  • Cover for some Coronavirus-related events.

Make sure that you’ve selected the right travel insurance plan for your specific needs. With World Nomads you can get a quote, make a claim, or extend your policy instantly online, even while traveling.

Note: all travel insurance plans are different, and cover will vary, depending on what's happened, your Country of Residence, the plan you choose and any options or upgrades you buy.

Getting adventure sports coverage

World Nomads can support you on a variety of outdoor adventures, with coverage for more than 150 activities and sports. You may need to compare the Standard or Explorer plans to see which activity levels are covered on each plan. Depending on your country of residence, you may need to add activities to your policy for an additional fee.

Your plan may also have conditions of coverage. For example, you may be required to wear safety equipment, book a tour with a licensed tour operator, or stay within certain parameters of your sport: your treks may only be covered up to a certain elevation, or your scuba dives only to a certain depth.

Please check your policy for any exclusions, such as search and rescue missions and professional sports.

A couple hiking
Young couple on a hiking trip in the mountains in Bavaria. Photo credit: Getty images / Westend61

Support for medical emergencies

Germany is one of Europe’s most-visited adventure travel destinations and with that comes the possibility that you may be injured or worse. Your travel insurance can back you up if you’re injured or fall ill and need urgent medical assistance.

Our 24/7 Emergency Assistance Team can get you help on the ground when you’re lost, injured or sick, whether you need an ambulance transfer, a prescription medication or a hospital that can treat your condition.

Get in touch with the team before undergoing any medical treatment; you may need pre-authorization before undergoing medical procedures or ordering an evacuation. It’s also important that you look at the exclusions section of your policy; our plans don’t cover pre-existing medical conditions or preventative care.

Road safety on the Autobahn and in general

Road conditions can be tricky in Germany, especially if you’re planning a long road trip on the Autobahn. For example, Germany’s legendary Fairy Tale Route ("Märchenstraße") stretches for 600 kms from the town of Hanau in Central Germany all the way up to Bremen on the North Sea.

Some of our plans have damage collision waiver coverage for rental cars, depending on your country of residence, and whether you’ve chosen a Standard or Explorer plan. If you get into an accident, be sure to always get a report from the authorities, which you’ll need for your claim.

In a crisis, our Emergency Assistance Team is available 24/7 for referrals or locations of nearby hospitals, medical providers or pharmacies. The team can even also help if you’re having trouble getting by in a language you don’t know.

Autobhan, Germany
Traffic on the Autobahn. Photo credit: Getty images / Elisabeth Schmitt

Keep an eye on your gear 24/7

While Germany is considered a safe tourist destination, you should always be aware that petty thieves and pickpockets are attracted to big tourist hotpots. When in crowded areas in any German city always maintain a sense of awareness of your surroundings.

It’s very important that you NEVER leave your valuables out of sight. If you're after travel insurance cover for tech gear or need extra cover just in case your bags are delayed or stolen then World Nomads has options for you to keep those prized possessions insured.

Ready to go to Germany but need more information?

Before you pack your bags, read our articles on  adventure in Germany, how to survive German Autobahn’s and bikes like a Pro, and our latest travel safety alerts for Germany.

Vineyards, Bremm, Germany
The vineyards of Bremm. Photo credit: Getty images / sakchai vongsasiripat

What's not covered

Here are some of the things we don't provide cover for:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions – see the policy wording for details.
  • Traveling to, planning to travel to, or choosing to remain in a country or region that is subject to a ‘Do Not Travel’ or ‘Avoid Essential Travel’ warning issued by your Country of Residence.
  • Participation in a sport or activity not listed in the policy wording or agreed by World Nomads where you haven’t paid the required additional premium.
  • Costs arising from refusal to be repatriated once declared medically unfit to continue a trip but fit for repatriation.
  • Non-emergency treatment that can wait until you return home (it's not health insurance, it's travel insurance for medical emergencies)
  • Expenses you have not made every reasonable attempt to recover from the carrier, accommodation provider, booking or travel agents, any compensation scheme, or other source.
Row houses in Nuermberg City, Germany
Row houses in Nuermberg City. Photo credit: Getty images / sakchai vongsasiripat

About World Nomads

World Nomads polices are designed by travelers for travelers to provide simple and flexible travel insurance. Featuring coverage for more than 150 activities, you can get a quote, claim, or extend your policy online at All the information we provide about travel insurance is a brief summary only. It does not include all terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions of the travel insurance plans described. Coverage may not be available for residents of all countries, states or provinces. Please carefully read your policy wording for a full description of coverage.

Traveler Tip: make copies of all key documents you’ll be traveling with – passport, ID, travel insurance, receipts, vouchers, addresses, transportation tickets – and keep them separate from the originals while abroad so you’ll have backups and proof of purchase if anything happens.

Travel Insurance Benefits: how we can take care of you*

Trip Cancellation

Been working hard for your trip?

We'll work hard to protect it.

Trip Protection
  • Unexpectedly hospitalised?
  • Travel buddy unfit to travel?
  • Been made redundant?

We’ve got your back.

Emergency Medical Expenses

Feeling fit and healthy? What if you get sick or injured?

Take the pain out of medical or dental costs.

Emergency Medical Insurance
  • Need meds quick?
  • Accidentally injured?
  • Suddenly sick?

We’ve got your back.

Emergency Medical Transportation

Know where the nearest hospital is?

Don’t stress, we’ll get you there quickly.

Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Banged up abroad?
  • Need a hospital urgently?
  • Medivac home?

Help starts here.

Protect your gear

Love photography, filming or sport?

Cover your bags, tech or gear.

Protect your gear
  • Luggage lost?
  • Airline lost your gear?
  • Tech trashed?

Help starts here.

  • Emergency Overseas Medical & Dental Expenses
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
  • Trip Cancellation or Interruption
  • 24-Hour Assistance Services
  • Baggage
  • And more (depending on your country of residence)
*This is a general summary only. Restrictions, exclusions and limitations will apply. Coverage may not be available for all countries, states or provinces. Benefit limits may vary depending on the plan chosen. Get a quote for full details.

Travel insurance. Simple & flexible.

Travel insurance for independent travelers and intrepid families. Nobody wants to think about all the things that could go wrong on their trip, but these things can and do happen. So be prepared and get your travel insurance today.

24/7 emergency assistance

Whether you need medical assistance or emergency evacuation, our teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year before and during your trip.

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