Travel Insurance Thailand.

From tropical islands and sandy beaches to nightlife and excellent shopping. With the perfect mix of unspoilt beauty and modern living, Thailand has something for every traveller.

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Heading to Thailand? You need travel insurance!

While Thailand is an amazing destination, with everything from Islands and Beaches to elephant riding and exotic food.

But things can still go wrong so good travel-insurance policy to cover theft, loss and medical problems is a very good idea. Be especially careful around hired motorbikes.

Got Thailand Travel Insurance? Get a Free Thailand Survival Guide

Some more well known tourist areas in Thailand can offer a complex maze of scams and hazards to baffle even seasoned travellers to South East Asia.

A few of the classic Thailand travel scams include: jet ski scams, motorbike hire rackets, airport taxi mafia, nightclub drink spiking... the list goes on, so not only do we suggest you purchase travel insurance for Thailand, but also consult our Free Thailand Survival Guide for an overview of key scams, annoyances, dangers, and things to avoid so you can have a great time!Travel Medical Emergencies in Thailand: or "Why I should get Travel Insurance"

In case of a travel emergency in Thailand, you should check out our article on medical emergencies in Thailand. It covers the following topics:

  • Emergency contact information for World Nomads policy holders
  • Emergency Numbers for other travellers
  • Surgery in Thailand (i.e. non-cosmetic surgery)
  • Student Hospitals in Thailand - what you need to know
  • Blood transfusions in Thailand & blood screening
  • A few things about ambulance rides in Thailand

I'm just going for the Full Moon Party - should I get travel insurance?

Absolutely. Things happen at the full moon party. A lot more things happen to drunk people. World Nomads doesn't insure drunken accidents, so use your commons sense and keep your wits about you.

A lot of valuables (cameras, packs, watches) mysteriously go missing at the party, or the hotels in the surrounding areas, as well as drink spiking, scooter accidents & other travel experiences that if given a choice, won't be part of your photo album. Check our great article on Surviving the Thailand Full Moon Party here.